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Just finished paying off my last credit card – Now saving for emergency landlord fund

I just paid off my remaining credit card balance of -$2400.  I was getting an average complete finance charge of $40-50/month on the balance.  Ouch.  It feels good to have the cards clean again, but well worth the cost to have my place looking good and ready to be fully rented.  Since I won’t be kicking out my roommates I will instead rent out my bedroom and hope it works out or it could deplete my emergency landlord fund pretty quick -$600 month.  My goal is to get a positive cashflow of +$200-300 coming in each month to add the emergency fund.

When I get to Louisville, KY I’ll be strictly living off whatever I do for work so I better get a job quick.  Making an income from my trading will be my #1 goal doing it part-time creating a full-time income that I can actually live off of.  All I really need to earn is $1000-2000 month.  Sounds like a lot after not trading for over a year, but if I get my head back into the markets I know I can do it.

The other biggie I need to work on is getting my Sallie Mae student loan of $42k paid off as quickly as possible AND posponing its payments of -$477/month during my full-time school.

I need to get my bills down to as minimal as possible.  I’m considering even getting rid of my cell phone next year or use a prepaid cell phone to used only when I accept or make calls.  I usually pay a flat fee of $40/month and use only 100 minutes.  So going pre-paid for once might actually save me a lot on a mobile phone/voicemail.  I will definitely need internet.

If I do rent a small office space for like $300 it must include internet and electricity.  Then I would be set for my trading office.

Besides that now that I’m going into the green again this is definitely good news for once in months even though I still have the student loan hanging over my head that was poorly used I can admit.  Who knows, I might still become a mobile home landlord in the future with the knowledge I acquired from that deal and 6 month ordeal.

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  1. OHH Some very interesting and insightful thoughts. I like this.

    June 1, 2009 at 10:13 am

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