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spicy pickle stock review SPKL – an email I wrote to my family

from work
to my momma and my oldest sister

– I’m pretty sure I emailed you about this stock before. I think it was at 1.70 but has fallen to .15 and now at .20

Yes, it is a penny stock but from what I’ve followed over the year the company is very innovative.

This piece is 6 months old but it makes valid points

the store in general is beautifully designed and they just acquired another chain that looks awesome. In my opinion this could be the new Quizno’s/panera bread. My friend joey in colorada (where its based) eats there with his friends. He says it’s a favorite place to go.

The stock is currently at .15 and I think when stocks bounce back it could turn around a lot. I myself am going to buy and hold when the charts show a signal since I won’t be buying options. It may have room to fall further. I actually responded back and forth with the CEO Geman. He is really confident in his company.

From my experience in trading penny stocks when I did usually ceo’s are not open and these companies never respond to comments. He responded to both of mine promptly and I think that says a lot.

Check out the website it shows innovativeness and confidence in their company. I strongly suggest at least going to the website. You can own 1000 shares for $200 right now in your IRA. I think you’d be crazy not to buy and hold this company long-term. I think it has a real edge to become very successful.

Here is a whole list of reviews of Spicy Pickle from an Austin, TX location:

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