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passionate comment from a visitor at my blog


by: Isa

OMG. This is the most ridiculous blog I have ever read in my life. Not because of the subject or because of the Finance Ninja. It’s because half of you sit here and just like everyone else in this world, you think that making billions can be that simple when you do a Google look up on, “How to become a Billionaire.”

If you cannot even take the time to scan through the blog to pick up a couple details of what has already been said, you can use other peoples questions to answer your own, therefore you’ll learn to ask the right questions. Not the most basic, fundamental questions possible.

I’ve read this about 3 or 4 times already. The Finance Ninja just threw this idea out to see if it would work for him while he is out at sea. While he is fighting one of the most destructive wars since WW2, you all think that you can get away with making millions at the least just by word of mouth on others peoples advice?

I cannot tell you so many times in such big emphasis like The Finance Ninja has brought up! READ!!! READ!!! READ!!! Read on companies. Read where the market was. Where it is going. What could be beneficial to our market in this stage that the world is in.

Quit acting retarded and use your head. If you WANT to be a billionaire in the stock market, you have to read hundreds of pages a day without realizing you even did it. Reading must become a second nature to you.

Consider taking political science courses in a community college or in a university. First off, I started to get involved with politics. That greatly increased my confidence in several different aspect in this world and in this global market as well. Don’t think that politics is just for government purposes though. Politics can regards anything, from sports to health and science, to history, to navigation, mathematics…..stocks….economics….anything.

It’s the art of questioning and getting back answers but questioning in a specific way. Like science and chemistry, you have to sit there and have a hypothesis, do your analysis, and come to a conclusion. That’s what politics is basically entitled for and as I said, can be used for anything your heart desires.

It is a huge confidence booster because it encourages you to think about things in a different perspective. Which is what I do now. I can talk to anybody with confidence. Because with confidence, I ask questions about EVERYTHING from my girlfriend, to the mechanic, my work, school, parents, police officers—believe it or not, you’ll eventually learn to get out of tickets just because you won’t sit there like a mute when a cop pulls you over, and officers tend to not mess with people who seem socially educated. They could loose a case in court and completely waste their time pulling you over cause you are not another stupid person he pulled over again that day.

You’ll learn to question companies that could have great potential one month when you completely think their on a rise to skies limits, when they actually end up coming down two weeks later. Based off of everything in this world, economics, wars, social problems, health, so many different other things, these all play such a huge role in stock market industry. YOU HAVE TO LEARN TO LIKE THE NEWS! YOU HAVE TO READ 100 PAGES A DAY ABOUT COMPANIES AND GLOBAL ISSUE whether their for the good or for the bad, and you MUST do it without noticing.

You must learn to question. But question logically. NOT the same dumb questions I’ve read over and over and over again on this blog.

Think about it. What ever you do, you can think to the point where you question everything. The one who questions the most, may look like an idiot, but you receive the information you need. You in this case need to learn how to be able to talk to everyone logically once again. This is exactly what you need to do that.

The big dogs make it in this world because they use their heads. Any BIG stock broker or HUGE billionaire didn’t become a billionaire just based off of their parents cash but their own personal developement in themselves. Start reading books. And read some Robert Kiyosaki books. Rich Dad/Poor Dad. You’ll learn that Rich Dad made Robert want to learn and to learn effectively before he showed him any of the ropes to learning the market and market trends.

I could go on forever. Life is like an ocean. You’ve got to drown in it to feel its intensity.

Also, those who tell others how to do things that they are afraid to do themselves, are fucking fools.

Live by those two laws, you’ll work wonders in your life. Take my advice responsibly though. I am not to be held reliable for messed up relationships in your life due to those quotes. How ever, those two quotes could have several different meanings behind them for SEVERAL different perspectives to create your own world. Take it responsibly. We have too many fools in this world.

Good luck and God bless.

me: she/he sure does make a good point even though I was a bit confused if it was sarcastic/con/pro but i guess its pro.
thanks, fn

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