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short-term down expected with small charts

yesterday as i was viewing my charts for the most part with the movement going into the end of last week i expected some short-term falling in the stock market. now, with the president getting shoes thrown at him i would not think this would be a good thing for future international relations with iraq. hopefully pres. bush will get over it and we won’t get into a war over flying shoes…

i wouldn’t have been in a real trade today because i wasn’t 100% certain. my practice trades reflect right now at least 1 week of movement. on wed. i’ll have to view my charts again to see if i should sell out or stay in. i’m in mar and apr 09′ practice calls so i have time for some movement.

typically the middle of december the market falls then sometimes right after christmas there is a “santa claus rally”. i guess we’ll see what the market brings this year.

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