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market continues to fall – I need to be practicing my put options

Another -500pt drop today for the DJIA. A -15% drop for SWN down to $26 again! These market swings are ridiculous. I’d hate to own stock right now OR trade options. It has been very unpredictable so the phrase “missed money is better then lossed money” is sounding better and better right now while staying out of the market, watching, studying, and practicing my techniques.

Put options are the definite play here still. October 2008 is still crashing. RIMM even at $48. One stock I did read about that really struck me as a great turnaround stock once the market changes its mood is AKS – AK Steel Q3 earnings call. Low profits, but still “solid balance sheets” with a PEG of .16!!!! And still very profitable with new material price increases even with steel prices coming down at the minute. It lowered its forecasts, BUT forecasts for the stock and cashflow are still “solid” and bringing in real cash (hundreds of millions). The stock ended today at only $12 with a high this year of $90. I will be watching in closely with QQQQ’s for likely long long term call option positions after the President is elected.

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