the market screams! -700pt drop! what’s next?

watching Fox News they made some points such as wall street is having a fit over this bail not getting finished. for the most part i do believe they are just having a fit, it is just gloomy and rainy right now, but one something is stuck and works for “everyone” not just helping bankers the sun will come out. everyone will be happy, inflation will rise, oil will continue to go up, the president will just talk jargon politics, and life will go on in America.

i have to admit watching the tv screen with the DJIA dipping below -700pts shocked me. i’ve never seen it dip so much. tis true though that the stock market crash of 1929 which everyone keeps referring to, including the president, says we are nearing a depression. well if that was true then the markets would have to drop -50%!!!! the markets have currently dropped between 10-20%.

i didn’t get in any practice trades today either. i would assume the market will keep falling until a bail is passed. i suppose anyone that traded RIMM puts before earnings made truckload of money. earnings are always 50/50. i’ve learned my lessons and anyone that thinks they no better will be humbled by the market when their time comes…

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