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how to work from home, real job opportunities from home

i found some great links and ideas for workers or entrepreneurs interested working at home.

first from a site called Wesabe:
this discussion like blog offers great relevant information to pursue a job or contract business with well known companies. the problem, like i’ve found out plenty of times in the past, is that you get caught up with many companies charging money. in this case don’t pay anything. real companies that are seeking workers to work at home on a contract basis, full-time, or part-time will post job offering on their websites. so if this is something you are interested view both of these helpful links.

the second link is from a site called ehow:
Again, this site had some great comments of previous work from home parties and offering solutions to new people interested in telecommuting. also the blogger of this eHow article writes her own blog with more in depth on telecommuting and working from home with major corporations at her blog called VIRAMERICA.

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