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closed out of put option practice plays +97% and got into a few call plays. even though i’m not for bailing out bad business, it’s sure to make the market jump once it’s completed

i don’t think any tax payer wants this $700 billion bailout plan passed. the media and congress is doing a superb job at trying to make the American public fear hell is near if they don’t do it. like i said before a failing company that does not know how to manage billions of dollars should not be bailed out and given second chances, nor should any CEO walk away with a fist full of money. my put option practice plays are still working as you can see. this brings me to the point that there is still real uncertainty on wall street, investors are worried this bailout won’t get fixed fast, and that the downtrend has not stopped. some positive’s i have picked up on is that stocks are holding ground. i think Visa corporation (V @ $65) might benefit from the bailout plan as well if it includes credit card debt which it will if congress gets their ways. i noticed it actually moved up some from financial stocks. regardless, people will keep spending on their credit cards and Visa will take its small transaction cut. actually if you think deep about this credit card companies should be having a great year if more entrepreneurs and consumers are charging on their credit cards instead of taking out loans (if getting loans are tight, which i think is just hype in the markets trying to get Americans to fear more). Hansen Company (HANS) also stood out up almost 8% and is showing that it is a great company. on my boat all the workers drink up that shit like it’s candy (monster drinks), i suppose it is candy with all that sugar. see my closed put option plays below and my new call plays i think will jump high the fastest IF the bailout plan is completed this week (of course that is if Americans don’t get any smarter and don’t stand up against this bill that will make THEM PAY for something they didn’t fuck up on).

closed put plays +97% profit:

put option practice plays

put option practice plays

new call plays i think will work (especially if bailout plan is finished quickly for wall street):

trading a few calls on notable companies

trading a few calls on notable companies

you know one thing i am worried about is the ban against short selling and against put options on financial stocks. this is crazy. plus this just takes away one of my most powerful ways to earn money in the markets while it is doing bad and i’m playing it understanding that it is falling.

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