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put option practice trading plays still performing well. +270% today/SUM +190%

my put option practice plays worked out well this week. i would have traded likely AAPL put options as a real trade if my account wasn’t at $0 currently. if i had $100k i would have traded all of these confidently. this type of trade is the trade i need to look for with a rush of buying or selling, bounce, then trading on the bounce for the following day. since my currently goals are to pay off my condo repairs i won’t be adding any free money to my account. condo first, trading second. i think once the new president is elected there will be some great fat profit plays. i can wait until then. for now check out these great put plays that worked out as i thought they would.

most recent practice plays:

put practice plays middle sept 08

put practice plays middle sept 08

all practice trades together:

all current practice plays +200

all current practice plays +200

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