Paul Meyer Buys Houses

some big money is going to be made with these stocks priced right

predictably the DJIA plunges again after the small run yesterday. i’m definitely going to be in the markets actively trading once the new President elected and markets start to stablize. seriously, stocks are priced extremely low, most under book value, all mostly have PEG’s of below 1.00, and they are still money earners such as:


Also a simpler play to play all these nasdaq stocks with be the QQQQ’s. I can’t wait!!! i’m talking about huge HUGE call option trading plays once the time begins to be right to BUY. not now of course, all my practice put plays are making great returns, but in the near future. i’m talking about 1000-5000% returns likely to be realistic especially playing way out of the money on a stock that moves extremely fast up and down like GOOG.

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