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call option practice play worked – for short plays +64.80% return

So looking at the charts the day before my instincts were that the following day would go up again two days in a row. I think friday stocks will likely fall, but I can be wrong. I was definitely right about this two day short call play.

I also have another theory that since today is September 11t the aniversary of 9/11 that IF there were no terrorist attacks today then the stock market would rally. It definitely rallied after the times of the historical attack on USA soil. So this brings me to a conclusion that IF the market keeps going up big analyst and financial institutions were waiting to see if an attack would happen. So if this thoery is true at all the market should keep going up regardless or go up or down for many other reasons it moves.

see below +64% ROI for 2 day trade on CALL plays

up 64%

up 64%

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