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stock market blues? i’m just as lost in these turbulent confused times.

Okay I’ve been reading about these subprime loan blues but are they really making the markets continue to fall? I’m really confused because we received a real 2 week rally in August and now everything is breaking that rally and about to fall lower lower lower. This should not be happening. American’s think the markets are doing bad and they are overly negative which I think is why we haven’t been able to get through this mess yes. Companies are doing good and in return it should be reflected into employees pay working for them. Companies are losing profits they are still growing even if slow growth, it’s still growth not negative growth!!!

I don’t even think any wall street traders went of vacation this year. During labor day weekend and throughout the week the market has had some wild swings not no volume slow days. So I’m lost on where they market will go. Will we have a real crash this year in October as always anticipated? I have to admit my 4 years in the military following the markets has been a roller coaster ride. Last year caught me extremely off guard from the past 5 years I’ve watched the market. So will this year be a surprise too?

I suppose many traders have the stock market blues. Charts were lined up 2 weeks ago to see a positive correction, now, not the same. As you can see my picks from two weeks ago the only winner is HOKU. HOKU just changed its supply contract with China and that is basically the big deal that moved the stock today. Besides that stocks are in a slump especially AAPL hitting supporting $160’s and GOOG hitting supporting $450’s. FSLR is another trippy stock. Now at $230???? Just a week ago is was floating in the $280’s. I have to admit this isn’t a good sign.

Another thing I thougth about is real estate bubble crap. Well lets just SAY home prices do go down more will this hurt landlords rental prices at the current rate? Will our rent keep rising or will it be effected if the economy is really hurting? Because if market rental rates stay the same then the cheaper homes become the better opportunity it will become for investors to buy up more real estate and rent them out at a fat profit and bigger cashflow to their portfolio.

This week I’m going to play puts on all the same stocks except HOKU and see how that works out into next week to see if the stocks are going sideways or downtrend more. Currently my real options SWN OCT 40 Calls are worth $1 and down -200%. Yeah. That sucks and makes no sense, but it isn’t just SWN it’s the entire industry.

call and put practice plays:

put and call plays

put and call plays

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