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after a month still in construction, condo – in SWN OCT 40 Calls

yes you heard me right. it has been over a month and my contractor is still at it. it could be partly due to him having the lack of management with his own money, throwing other jobs in, not showing up for mine, and then having for me to get him back on course finishing mine again. i’d say out of actual work done once its done it might be a full 2-3 weeks worth. i never thought a kitchen and other small items would take THIS long to complete. okay, maybe i am paying him shit, but in my opinion he still made a generous pay for his work who comes in late in the afternoon, never comes early or on time, and leaves before the sun goes down due to condo rules and regulations….

i can’t wait any much longer due to my coast guard boat almost being done getting fixed then i’m off not even getting to enjoy one day in my full redone condo until i get back. that last things to be done are finishing some of the granite tiles, grouting, some drywall, 4 ceiling fans, 5 blinds, oh and yes tons of just cleaning up all the mess he made (which is a big mess and lots of scrubbing). contractors are funny. i think the bigger funny thing is that i learned a lot, a whole lot. i actually did all the plumbing even though i paid him for work on the plumbing that i fixed, yikes. i actually plan on working with him part-time when i get back. if he will start me off at $15/hr then forget delivering pizzas again for extra money when i can learn a REAL trade finally. i’m not much of the handyman, but they are definitely skills every hardcore man should know right? yeah, i guess. if i was making millions off my computer trading stocks i suppose paying people would be the classier way to go and free up my time, but it the meanwhile when i am still half-broke, still learning trading options, and stuck in the military why not learn something and get paid. i figure if i can work 20 hours with him a week thats an extra $1200/month tax free since its paid in cash.

other things on my mind…. i think i’m 100% going to sell my first actual bran new car back for what i can get like $10-14k. i got my use out of it. i didn’t really lose the remaining $14k i paid since if i leased it i would have paid the same. at least i’m able to get back something if i am able to sell it. i thought about downsizing to a Mini, Yaris, or Fit….. but it just makes more sense to go back to a beater car for like under $2k and put the rest of the money to pay off all my credit cards from appliances and kitchen stuff on my home. i think if i’m at the owe no money point again i’ll be much happier even if i don’t have a shiny new babe magnet car.
the Mini stickshift did sound like fun. but to get it basically i would be making $140/month payments for 72 months with trading my car in and to be honest i don’t want anymore payments. i also could not sell my car since it is paid off and just keep it until i get full use out of it. the thing is it costs me $8.50 everday to go to work and back to home. I actually drove my motorcycle home yesterday, not on the highway of course YIKES, but on normal roads. it gets like 55-65mpg. it was funny, yet thrilling, and super scary. i think the more i ride it and understand it the less i’ll drive a car even if i buy a cheap beater just to have and the rest to pay off my $8k in loans. my $1800 in roommate is going straight to my savings but i’m thinking i just might take it all to pay off my debt faster instead of waiting to pay it off in planned 6-8 months with my paychecks. i do know i wanted to automatically put it into long-term in-the-money options……….but i hate to say it but i’m starting to become more and more less risky with options and taking big chances to make big money. now if i can make $200 i’m happy. i need to learn how to make $500 10 times a month to be successful at trading for a living, and i have to admit for some reason the longer you are out of the market really full-time the harder it becomes to follow the market. (duh). my biggest goal is to retire is to pay off my properties and dumb bad loan i took out for the trailer park (40k). a total of around $370k!!! wow… this is how much i need to make in profits to basically retire, like, RIGHT NOW. this is my #1 goal all the time because paying off that would bring me in an income currently of around $28,000 gross a year (before taxes). with no bills except utiltities, condo fees, this would be more then enough to live a great lifestyle and i could still travel especially renting out my third room. i’d have this income the rest of my life and it would go up with rental increases.

stock options:
recently, well yeah this morning, i bought SWN OCT 40 Call options at the Honda dealership while waiting for my car. i couldn’t believe SWN hit already up to $39. i’ve been watching this stock for at least 3 years straight daily. so i’m confident (though i can be wrong) that this stock is going to surpass $45 by oct. so i bought close to in the money, hey guys all i have is $340 in my optionsxpress account. i would have went for the $5 in the money if i had $500. so yes. i only got 1 contract. i loss tons on NTRI AGAIN!!! bastard nasty diet food. ok i admit it they have a good marketing campaign. i sold out of my AMAT before earnings profitably like +85%, but lost NTRI -86%. ouch. not a good month.. if you feel like a loser you aren’t the only one…. i want to play apple with the recent pull back, but i’d have to buy way out of the money to do it. i feel SWN is a safer play. so i guess i’ll see how it pans out. charts should be swinging up in 233, daily, 55, and weekly and i haven’t even looked at them. it might take a dip on me but i bought oct so i can live through the volatileness of oil and gas stocks.

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