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working on a trading system…brain as food…new friends

Well I just finished watching Hannibal the movie. It really makes me wonder what brain as food actually tastes like. Is it more on the fatty chicken taste or tofu tasting?? I think if offered some I’d be a weirdo and eat someones brain. maybe I would gain some insight into their life..probably not. At least in the movie and brain in general looks too fatty and squishy looking for my tastes. Now thinking…. Since it is very tender it might actually taste similar to a very tender steak. Anyone offering their brain for a taste test? 😉

I’ve been thinking a lot, trading, and not recording anything down. bad bad bad. I need to get back to working on a stock trading system. An individualized customized system for myself and only myself. I need to get back to writing in my stock market diary and jotting down the “why’s” I’m missing really great data right now going on in the markets.

I’ve come to the conclusion that a smart thing for me to do to help me from not trading stocks I can’t really predict is to start putting my stocks into different categorizations like: stocks definitely moving down, stocks definitey moving up, stocks definitely moving sideways, and unpredictable stocks that commonly trade and make me confused.

For instance AAPL commonly trades right back up after a 2-3 days hit falling down in the $150’s (now back at $164!). NTRI is a very unpredictable stock. Trust me. I traded it to go down but it has moved back up 3 pts since I bought my Puts even though it should be falling or at least I “thought” it should be. I was very wrong even after it fell 5% today. Now I did real the company was buying back stock. Even at that point I was like, “duh, sell the puts now with this company action” but I remained in them. Maybe I’m right long-term but I only have like maybe 6 more days until my options EXPIRE! So I’m going to sell out today for a big loss around a 60-70% loss of my money. yes yes yes, how do I expect to hit $10,000 when I can’t even get back $1000! hee hee. =D leave that up to me. My AMAT calls are working out. Currently up 100% but still not at my goal to sell. Charts are looking sweet for the stock and the market seems like it is slowly turning to the upside even with recent bad news plus AMAT is going into earnings August 12th. I plan to sell my options for whatever they are at on the 11th. I’m starting to learn it doesn’t matter really if you are doing a $10,000 trade or $200 trade if you can’t stop your loss when the market has proven YOU (me) WRONG then you are a really skinny loser more then anyone else. After so many losses, big losses, I’m starting to learn if I want to win long-term in this game like my teacher taught me I need to cut losses asap!….. now why is it so hard for me to? I think my life has been around losing for so long and I’m so use to it I guess I accept it.

Did I tell you I just got dumped by my girlfriend? Yeah, losing there again too in the relationship field. I’m curious really, I wouldn’t even want to date such a loser….so I suppose she had good reason to dump my ass. If I ever expect glory and the high life somehow I’m going to need to start learning winning techniques, attitudes, and most of all how to work on completing winning trades.

Meanwhile I think I met a new friend. I met him at a group costume party and we have similar interests. I found out he lives in the condo next to mine! I mean how cool is that.
Anyway he is one of those really smart uniquely gifted types I completely envy…. Things somehow just fall perfectly into his lap because, well, he is just damn good at what he does naturally after years of work… He is currently working on an iPhone application called xhunt. xhunt is basically a treasure hunt application in which the iPhone user sees a picture and has to find the location and take a picture of themselves with it. The new 3G iPhone has exact GPS so once the user finds the location in the xHunt clue they win or can say they were at that spot in which another user created the treasure hunt. It is a great idea and I plan on being in on many. I’d love to be apart of his team somehow but lets face it i’m just not very great at anything. i’m a jack of all trades, but great at none. so where does that leave me?

well check out his new killer iPhone application here at his sight Logic High.

3 responses

  1. You site looks great Paul!
    Thanks for all your advice.

    Wish you success in all you do!

    August 11, 2008 at 5:36 am

  2. Robert

    Hey, buddy I’ve been reading your blog for a while; I used to try to come up my own trading system as well. It involved six “big oil” stocks, since I thought that I could predict the movement of them from watching oil futures very early in the morning. Didn’t work out that well, so now I’m just trading Q’s mostly puts (every time I buy calls I lose money it’s like a curse or something). Anyways keep up the good work and wish you good trades. I’ll be back for your next post.

    August 22, 2008 at 12:58 am

  3. Blog Reader Robert,

    Losing money happens to every trader. You become a professional, a smart one at least, when you can stop your loss as soon as you know you are wrong. That is what I was taught and I still have trouble. My biggest thing is for the past 4 years being in the military I can’t watch the market. My goal is when I get out to just glue my eyes to the screen and read stocks like a book, be patient, wait, and then trade. Currently when I trade I still do lose money because I can’t get out of trades fast enough if I am wrong. So I basically follow just a few stocks and trade them. For the most part long-term I’m right, but if you trade options you need to be right RIGHT NOW or you lose because time is against you.

    I WOULD be trading puts on QQQQ’s….but if you look at all stocks right now you’ll notice the market IS changing direction unless something dramatic happens. I’d follow AAPL with QQQQ’s since its more tech and nasdaq rich. Only you know what is best to trade following your own stock. Some stocks are crazy, like women. For instance NTRI. I was playing PUTS on this stock then calls then puts. Now I think it is heading higher in a curve with the company buying up stock. The market is crazy. It is just being on top of your game, selling when you are wrong, and getting back in when you are ready.

    August 22, 2008 at 4:04 am

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