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Still no deal with the bank – my sailboat – and india biz

This condo I’ve been waiting for over 2 1/2 months still has not recorded. Hawaii has some ridiculous deed recording policies and since I’m using my VA loan and it’s a foreclosure it’s like a double whammy to the face. At this point my low locked interest rate of 5.875% has been unlocked twice due to the seller (bank) taking too long and being unprepared to record the deed into my name. This has costs me now twice the amount of penalty in fees. As much as I want this place and as much of a great deal it is if I get a chance to walk away free clear and get my money out of this dead deal.

There are so many home foreclosures right now banks are in a panic I suppose and overly busy so I know I’m not the only home buyer suffering trying to pick up a very short sale discounted property. This property has awesome instant equity in it. If I don’t close within the time that my locked interest rate will be good or I will have to pay a much higher penalty then I might drop it. It isn’t like I can really use the equity right now anyway until the economic cycle changed in a few years and homes were able to sell again so I could sell the condo for a healthy profit.

I lowered my sailboat sale price to $2000 and instantly sold it. The problem is I worked out a deal with a contractor who bought it that would do condo work for me and I’m likely not even getting the condo now! So I’m going to ask for cash or list it again. I’d say I but around $7000 total into it and lived in it for 4 months. So I didn’t make any money and if I had a studio I basically broke even rent vs. living on the boat. I’m glad to be done with it and not be liable for slip fees.

Oh, I used some of the equity I did take out of my rental and paid off my car loan. That frees $450 a month out of my paycheck. I might just have to rent a room if this condo doesn’t go through. I really wanted to own here in Hawaii but if it isn’t meant to be then I’ll just work on stocks so I can still own later and maybe home prices will even be lower although I think prices are going to hold here in this paradise/huge tourist area.

As for my India biz…..yeah. I think my partner person running all the projects isn’t doing a very good job. I told him it’s off until he can prove he can be successful. I helped him enough to incorporate his own business and got him some equipment. I told him if he is every successful then to pay me back something well as a good deed (if he chooses to granted he succeeds).
Currently he is upsetting customers and I don’t think he understands the customer comes first.
So it was another good try and idea, but just didn’t seem to work out again as planned.

On the bright side I met a really sweet woman and she listens to all my shit, a lot of shit that I have to deal with on a normal basis in my business ventures. We are in a weird way hitting off. I’m working on liking her for the simple her and not the complex me because, well, if I really tried to date an adventurous wild woman like me in business I think it would be a little too much for either of us to handle…

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  1. I hope the Hawaii condo thing can work out. That sounded like a good deal. Be patient I think. I think the lesson from all this is that you can make money when you are on the spot and have local knowledge – this gives you an edge – but you’ll likely lose big when trying to do remote deals where you have no knowledge, like the trailer park in TN and the India business and probably much of the option trading.

    June 24, 2008 at 11:05 pm

  2. hey moom. I think at this point with my car paid off I could realistically do the stock market full-time if I had no real financial obligations. A $2000 mortgage is a big obligation, though I feel it’s really worth it even if I had to rent it to trade stocks full-time.

    Since I’m so under capitalized right now to trade I’m trying to get back on track so I do have money to trade when the opportunity arrises.

    June 25, 2008 at 8:46 pm

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