Paul Meyer Buys Houses

for guys who have girlfriends or wives – money saver

Hello dudes – I just bought my girlfriend or date or whatever she wants to be called a Sex and the City perfume box (Sarah jessica parker’s perfume, lol). Anyway it smells pretty sexy and is 25% off this month PLUS wrapped around it is a gift certificate for 2 free movie tickets to the flick. You might actually get laid tonight dudes, take my advice. Get your woman some perfume. She’ll love it even if it seems kinda funny. Plus you’ll save around $40 bucks easy from the % off and two free movie tickets. I’m not saying I’m a big show watcher, but from the ones I have seen its pretty dramatic, good story line, and catchy. Plus most of all it will turn your lady on for your later tonight after the show. Should be sold in big stores with cosmetics area. good luck, fn.

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