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to the one-a-be billionaire duschebags (if that’s how you spell it)

so you want to know how to become a billioanire…..(thinking)……marry one duschebags! it’s a no brainer. okay, you want to make a billion your first year in business by yourself that’s realistic right? most definitely if you are a super perfect trader with tons of capital to use and not lose.

i posted a “how to become a millionaire” and “how to become a billionaire” postings. well, it’s where i get 99% of my traffic searches off the web. it’s halarious some of the comments i get. i have to admit i thought i was aggressive and ambitious when i was 19, but i have 14-17 years telling me they want to make 1 million their first year from a business. i think it’s all these Tv news shows showing just 1 teenager striking it rich with a ridiculously lame teenage trend idea then you get swarms of the suckers pouncing around the internet so young and dumb and dreaming about becoming a wealthy teen with the bling bling. i absolutely love it and want to puke and choke on my own puke while continually puking!!! =) it seems everyone wants to be rich but not have any financial sense or actually real study getting to it. if any of these duschebags just read a few of my blogs on real life money consequences they’d learn that it is a challenge and secondly you can’t give up when you just fail big, or monsterously huge.

so you wanna be a billionaire 15 year old out there in cyberspace not even legal to trade options??? while you are reading this blog asking me finance questions and don’t even hesitate to search my blog so you can actually comment with something intelligent to say so i’d have a realistic finance ninja answer for you. geeze.

i’m still 100% gun-ho. if you are legal and you can trade options and you are 100% pure genius and perfect trader i feel options is a poor persons way with barely any capital and can hit a million. i got close to my goal but fucked myself over by over trading and not withdrawing big profits. i still haven’t learned and i’m 27. i guess my IQ is not as great as yours 13 year old who earns $250k a year on your electronics firm, but oh yeah i forgoet your asking me for advice? clearly you are a fake. but i dug your comments.

you know what I WAS DOING AS A TEENAGER in the mid early 1990’s when the internet was just text and pamelas anderson nude pictures? i was in cyber old school chatrooms. talkin up the latest alternative music (when rock was awesome), downloading porn (what teenage male didin’t?), and becoming a super internet-computer geek. what happened to just being a teenager on the internet. AIMing all your friends and posting crazy “away” messages?


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