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Good mornin to ya! Happy St. Patricks Day – Still on break

Yeah, I’m still on break. I still randomly see what the market closed at. Yes, my Put options are still in their death bed and NTRI is still in a comma from the shock the stock has plummeted after earnings. My past week living on my new boat has been peaceful and cumbersome. I say hard to manage because I’ve been somewhat secretly living in the marina until the deal is final and slip is tranferred into my name. I’ve had no key to the restrooms so I have gone back to ancient times using a bucket and taking a shit in resturants or back on my CG ship including showers. Mosquitos have taken a liking to me. I’ve taken measures at 3 a.m. in the morning after being restless by “bbzzzzz’s” and tons of bites all over my body by buying king size sheet at Wal-Mart and bundling up inside it with a fan blow on me. It has worked wonders in creating longer less-zombie like sleeping times.

In the past week I’ve seen stocks like First Solar (FSLR) sing 30 pts up and down blowing my mind, but I’m glad I’m on an extended break clearing my mind from option trades and studying the market. I’m lacking off on my journal as well.

I met a guy tonight who watchs stocks on 20 monitors. Yes, you read it correctly 20 MONITORs! How cool is that? Is a real estate developer I guess who can blow money on stocks until he learns. I wish I was in the same position, but I’m not. I think my financial options trading education is about finished. I’m sick of losing when I do and I want to start a real winning streak with better discipline and being less greedy. Yes, I know again I’m saying this for about this 100th time. I must sound like a person that goes to rehab a lot, but I’m not in one. I suppose living on my boat, fixing it up, and being by myself more is a little bit like rehab.

I plan on refinancing my home still in May and pay off all my higher interest debt with the loan to have a smaller payment with a smaller interest rate. News – Also for the first time in like 6 years my credit must be getting better because now I’m finally about to get higher amounts on my credits cards. I opened a couple of new accounts just to gain that credibility and still using credit wisely. My goal is to get back into the 800’s. I tell ya consilidating debt through a company is the wrong way to go. It really damages your credit and does not help you in the long run.

I’ll probably be in a new options trade before my off time break is over. My goal is to regain some losses and stay on track to have a positive 2008. As for my partnership in India it has been still a bit ruff, but we are making a lot of progress. He has gotten the computer, internet, and started a bank account with an India corporation there. It would be nice just to see a little profit from the business and see it grow successfully. But since he is so far away only time and character will test if he is honest and has some integrity.

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