Paul Meyer Buys Houses

HOKU Scientifc holds at $11.56 & Apple AAPL

So HOKU stock has been supporting well at the $11.50 level. I’m curious if stocks will pop high after the New Year. HOKU’s recent move has created a second large white engulfing bullish candle for the past week when it fell. I expect AAPL @ $199 to really move between the Mac expo and earnings. If I’m smart as soon as I’m sold out I will buy next months options for AAPL probably $20 dollars out of the money.

I’m currently working on transferring all my utilities over, paying off any outstanding balances, and looking towards the future of my enterprise.

I’m currently in Juneau, Alaska for my port call. Its extremely cold and pretty. I did some crazy binge drinking my first night meeting some old friends that live here. It was great, but Tequila can really wake you up in a dangerous panicky sweat in the morning. I had a great nap after passing out again on the bed at my friends house. We rocked out and made some songs too. He’s probably one of the most funniest guys I know. We ate at some great gourme pizza places, russian meat dumplings, and had tasty crisp Alaskan local beer amber, IPA, and bocker dark (like tar almost it tasted like, yummy).


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