Trailer parks, stocks (HOKU scientific), and assasinations

Pakistani President being assassinated with riots afterwards. I’m not so surprised. Do even Americans care? Do we? Is it just another scare tactic? Another cover-ups for something else? I don’t know who to trust these days, particular not the news. It definitely made a hit on our financial markets with our major averages down -1% today.

The only stock holding up in the positive was Apple Inc (AAPL @ $202). Impressive. Its new blockbuster deal with Fox to sell more selection of movies on its iTunes is really going to boost the stock price up into the Mac Expo Jan 14th then earnings I believe Jan 18th. My price target I think it will hit is at least $220. Up another 10%. I think we could see $300 or a big stock split by next year.

Another wild stock is HOKU Scientific (HOKU @ $11.81). Currently down around -7%, but it had a major run up of +20% so I’d expect some pull back. It made another BIG white candle showing there is major support and it is ready to move higher then $15 in my opinion and what I see on the charts. If it holds above $11.50 today I think we will see it hitting $15 first week of January 2008 and I will be sold out of my Jan 15 Call options up around +200% or more. I’ve been trading HOKU since around $9 then to $12 sold, then bought at $10.58 and waiting for it to move higher with my options to sell at a good price.

Trailer park news is in. The previous owner who sold it to me first offered me $3000 to buy it back. I Negotiated $7000 then we met at $5000. So I did it. Okay it didn’t work out. I probably lost around $15000 on the deal. What’s new? Well nothing new besides no girlfriends, no luxuries, no nice bachelor pad, or paid off debt to pursue my business ventures until I get one that sticks and works well. Some people might feel irritated or mad about this, I just gulp it down, and thank God already for when something really does happen for since I know it will. Just when? I’ve been reading the Bible lately. I don’t know if this has affected the owner actually offering me money to buy it back or not. In a weird way I feel I lucked out not just offering it back to him to get rid of the ongoing loss. This is the way I look at this: I’ve owned the park for around 6 months and made a total of $1500, lost a total of around $22000 (this includes initial down payment of $10,000 + $4200 worth of mortgage payments + $7000 worth of repairs and renovations). I’m only getting +$5000 back, but if I hold onto it for another 6 months with the little tenants I have an keep incurring bills I will actually lose another $6-7000. So in retrospective if I sell it back to him now and accept +$5000 I’d actually be gaining really +$12000 back. I look at this as a losing stock. I can either cut my losses now while I can see the picture and its not earning me any money and continually since I’m not there I have no control over getting the units rented or I can keep it and continually lose more and more money that I could of applied to pay off existing debt. I think my biggest problem here was that they were small trailers instead of single or double wides. About 1 month after I bought the park it hit me hard. Then again, with my risky investment ideas, I take full responsibility for buying the park without seeing it, without inspecting the trailers, and over valuating it. I guess I learned another hard lesson in my seventh year of continual business losses.

So now that the park is done for and I can move on with my life I plan to take any money I have left and apply to my car loan and pay it off first. Student loans second, and then put the rest in a savings account. If I do buy another piece of real estate it will strictly be a single family home or duplex. I found that even though buying a mobile home park can be very profit worthy, unless I am there to maintain it, advertise it, and do most of the repairs it will become more of a burden then improvement in my business ventures. I suppose I learn best by doing. Most people teach or talk about doing something their entire life, but never do it. I actually do it. So I guess I can expect more hardships and wise lessons.

2 responses

  1. Sorry to hear about that. The upside is to have these losses now when the money you can lose is relatively small and you can learn from the experience and have plenty of time to get started again with a new and better plan.

    December 28, 2007 at 12:02 pm

  2. That’s what I keep hearing Moom but at what point does the plan start working to make money?
    I’m quite curious and exhausted of my current conditions.

    December 29, 2007 at 3:47 pm

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