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Half way through Alan Greenspans nerdy bibliography – santa claus stock rally

So far Alan Greenspan’s nerdy bibliography has been an A+ in my opinion. It goes into great deal about the U.S. Presidents, economic policy, how nerdy economic men think, and his subtle adventurous life using economic equations to sold world problems. Yes, yea, that’s about it. Fascinating dude. I hope when I’m in my late 70’s I can still be as energentic, fun, and of course stock nerdy too. One thing I’m most curious about is Alan Greenspan’s own retirement portfolio. If he understands with his long equations when the markets will turn then should he be up there with Warren Buffett? Is he a billionaire? I guess sometimes the smartest people don’t really care about money, they just love solving equations. I’m half way through. Not really a hard read, but thorough througout the book on economic policies.

As for the stock market we are beginning our Santa Claus rally which started officially Friday the 21st with a up 200pt close.
Again, my dumbass didn’t buy Apple Inc. (AAPL @ $198) call options like any other stock smartass would of. As you can read I seem a bit grumpy and 100% frustrated with myself as usual. I hope reading all this Alan Greenspan thinking will alter my thought process to become an economic futuristic millionaire. I need it right about now. My trailer park isn’t bring in shit of an cash income, but instead drying up my accounts. Not good. I guess on the more positive note of things I’m blogging out my thoughts again and have been doing my weekly financial checkup as usual and coming to the conclusions that I need to first pay off my car loan. Debt has become a plague on me again. It makes me feel insane, restless, and total mass confusion. You would think getting rich is easy, but it isn’t. You would also think if a person full throttle put himself into every situation to earn more money something right would happen and something would finally work. Well nothing has and I’ve become more broke in the process. I’ve gotten myself out of this disgustingly poor situations before and I plan to do it again. I’ve also market in my stock market diary a significant journal entry. Number 360. 360 full days of journal entries. Awesome for me though I wrote in my journal, “in these 360 days have I become a better stock trader?” sadly I had to answer a BIG “No”. I’m still young, restless, and active so I’m sure within another two years I’ll figure something out that will get me out of my financial crisis I’m always in. I just want to be financially independent not even rich. Just enough income as a middle class work, but without working so I can do whatever the hell I want.

So on the top of all the list for 2008 new years resolutions #1 is currently pay off car which is around $19,000.

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