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Reading the Kirk Report – interesting news article on gold and the U.S. dollar

Recently I’ve subscribed to the Kirk Report. I really don’t use it as a medium to make or follow trades, but more as a resource and get some “why’s?” answered to understand the market more. Mr. Kirk really spends time into finding unique educational investment articles such as this one “Buy Asia, Sell USA” by Goldman Sachs (GS @ $224, PEG at .66). To sum the article up in a nutshell Goldman Sachs currency traders plan on buying Asia currences such as the Yen instead of the weak dollar, but they also think the dollar will be a lot stronger a year from now. Goldman Sachs also believes gold has risen very high currently at $800/ounce and see it falling 15-20% in the next year so it would be a smart thing to short this investment or bet/trade against it rising higher and profiting off it falling. Now again investors buy gold because the U.S. dollar is weak so it makes perfect sense that if the dollar gets stronger again then because of this investors will sell off gold and buy into the dollar again forcing gold to fall in price.

I’m amazed at how much time this guy invests in understanding what is happening in the market. I envy him not being able to read as much and researching as much and the quality of his findings. For a complete list to sum up thursday november 29th, 2007, the week, and a bunch of interesting articles I would of rather never even known about click here for more of the Kirk report.

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