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going into the holidays – to be thankful right?

In this world of market uncertainty I think everybody is a bit stretched out on emotions. I’ll be in port for the holidays (currently posting underway). I might spend it with colleges or old friends or crap maybe both! I thought having thanksgiving at a chinese resturant like “The Christmas Story” movie would be fun and have duck, which I’ve never had. I’ll probably serve the homeless. It will probably be more excitement for the week. Likely is the season to down a couple of microbrews and shots of something that will likely make my throat buring warm.

I guess I should be thankful for being alive and not jumping off some building for all the daily events I go through. I’m not very happy about losing such a big amount of money during the season I usually earn big money, but I suppose years in “7” are learned. I really wonder and imagine down this long and cumbersome road I take if I will get better. Maybe you should be asking me? Dude, do you want to get better at trading? Because I really do. I don’t even care to be rich. It is more about suceeding at something and really showing myself I can finally be great at something where others will take notice. Then again you don’t really wear a price tag on your head so unless I look like a million dollars then I’m still just going to be that average guy.

I am thankful about joining the United States Coast Guard. Although difficult to work with other coasties at times I genuinely enjoy eyeing the horizon of the ocean, sunsets, and slow rocking back and forth that comes with living on a boat. I may not have a major purpose, but I feel my impact of staying focused on my dreams does somehow effect the way other people think about what they should do with their own lifes and because of that I’ve got purpose.
I may not be some major philanthropist, but I do “teach” others to really seek their own financial dreams and I actively keep persisting mine as a student of my own errors. Plus I get paid very well in my opinion for what I do and with as little education as I’ve got. My new income has helped me push me toward my financial dreams even if I’ve made dumb moves along the way that possibly have pushed me further back! But hey it comes with the ambitiousness riskyness!! =D

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