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SouthWestern Energy Company (SWN) + Nutrisystem Inc. (NTRI) Forecast

Stock Alert: Southwestern Energy Company (SWN @ $40)

Search back the google chart from 2003 every end of Jul up to now and the only year that was not consistent was year 2007 when instead of moving up in Aug it moved up in Oct. My bets are on meeting its $50-60 price target before 2008. All profits are up, revenues are revised with previous shale mill up and running again, and its PEG for 5 year is down to 1.06 showing more value in the current price. I might also say its only receiving Buy and Buy with higher and higher target estimates with Oil moving higher and higher in price this company should still considerable profit from alternative fuels. Southwestern Energy Company convinces me through technicals, news, analyst upgrades, and low PEG with high PE and higher earnings predictions that this stock will move higher. If I’m write I should be a bit wealthier.

If you are thinking about buying Calls for Nutrisystem Inc. (NTRI @ $56) you are probably thinking right. I don’t own any options right now with NTRI, but waiting for charts to signal a buy after some movement. The PEG is at a staggering low .68!!!! Talk about value with growth and profits. I bought CALLS on NTRI when the stock was around $47 and sold after it hit around $51 because it was just jumping up and down. Now I kick myself in the balls seeing it hit over $65, but I sold and made some and “won the lottery” in the system. Now with the PEG which is my main predictor where or if they stock goes higher is in a great zone under 1.00. With summer trading I feel I should hold out until at least Sept. If I see some buybacking in it then I’ll buy Calls then. Right now the market is being weird as usually. It’s august a time I try to buy calls and lose all my money because I didn’t buy Puts.

What kills me even more are the gas drillers like NE and GFE and RIG which all PEG’s are under .40 and some .28!!! Almost book value growth to earnings. And there forecasts for earnings are higher then the PE’s shown which is a very good thing. I’m just waiting until I’m complete sure where I think the stock will go. RIG a hot stock is currently getting hit and its broken through a major trend pushing down. NTRI is a weightloss stock. I suspect nothing more then yoyo stock holders.

2 responses

  1. The drillers have really been getting hit of late. GSF has been on my radar, and the stock has been killed. NTRI is a very interesting stock, one that I can’t figure out its direction very well. NTRI is definitely a volatile stock though, so its a good option play.

    August 7, 2007 at 2:59 pm

  2. GSF, RIG, NE, and DO all went up around 5% last week. Today -387pt correction did bring them down much showing me they will keep moving up. All their PEG’s are under .40 with balance PE for future growth. I believe currently Noble NE @ $98 will get the most growth with the largest profit margin. All look like they will stick together in trends.

    NTRI is very volatile. It’s commercials are helping its growth become a good success. It’s PEG is .70 with high PE of 20 and F/PE of 26. Everyone targets it at $75. I see a lot of room for growth. I think it got slammed after earnings and will pick up again after the summer choppness ends.

    August 10, 2007 at 4:42 am

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