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20,000 Visitor Mark – No Show Date – High flyin stocks

Well today I just went over 20,000 hits on my blog. Not much compared to most famous and more interesting blogs, but still remarkable. I’d like to make my blog over 100,000 hits within another year. I’m coming to the conclusion that I just need more blogable fun stuff so readers will come back.

As for my saturday morning date she was a no show text messaging me she would be too tired with no possible message of trying to go out to eat again =C so I guess I’m off to finding another lucky woman. You can not imagine how psyched out I was about getting this date. I was pretty bummed out so I almost slept the entire day. Positive thing is I got with my music partner and finished some songs we were working on. I’m hoping they will be good enough to perform once we get them down and shoot some video for backdrops.

Stocks have been high flyin. My instincts keep telling me these expensive stocks are going to fall hard during the summer, but for many stocks their PE and PEG are very close to their value. Some stocks Forward earnings are rediculous, but for most brand name stocks with great products they are priced right and should move higher. I feel we are going into antoher big uptrend market. If you look at most solid growth stocks all trends are gradually moving up and unless something chaotic happens in America the market should keep following up this year.

NTRI is still at a PEG of around .82 at $72. AAPL is only around 1.21 at $137.
It seems many traders are long on HOKU currently at $14. If HOKU doesn’t starting building its parts soon the stock might lose steam. If more contracts keep coming HOKU should realistically push over $20 which is why I’m long in my call options for JAN 08. I’m up $2000 on my $900 investment so I’m more then likely going to be selling my call options on the next jump, wait for it to fall some, then move back in again. Some other stocks to pay attention to is NSC @ $55 with 1 PEG and 15x P/E, PDE @ $39 with .39 PEG and 13x P/E, CAT @ $85 1.17 PEG and 14x P/E

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