Current stock market conditions + NTRI, JSDA, GOOG

For the first trading day of April stocks are up probably from fund managers buying them up, but on 233min, Daily, and Weekly charts I don’t see any stock trades. It almost looks as if stocks are starting to turn over to fall or have a bearish rally. The two stocks that come out that do show a continuing uptrend are NTRI @ $53 and JSDA @ $22. Jones Soda Inc (JSDA) is currently up 10% so I’d wait to buy into this “hot stock” at the moment. To read more on it check this out. It is being compared to Hansen Inc. (HANS @ $38) to be the next big beverage profit machine. Google (GOOG @ $456) looks like it is turning over on the Daily chart, but the 233min chart shows it has been sold off and possible ready for its next run. As you see in the 55 minute chart below it shows GOOG being sold off for the past 7 days and today created two white soldiers that broke the short-term trend down. Possibly tomorrow we might see a large spread.

GOOG 55 Minute Technical Chart (click on chart to enlarge)

goog stock chart

I sold out of my NTRI JUL 50 CALLS today for a 30% profit in 1 month holding the option. It was a bad trade, I’m actually in a crap load of bad option plays, I should of waited and not bought into any position in the current market condition. So now I’m in a bind to slowly wait for stocks to swing in my favor to sell out at breaking even or profitable. For instance my BA APR 95 CALLS are definitely not going the way I thought Boeing Co. would move. It has already received around 5-7 big orders and the stock, although moved to $91, has not reflected all the positive news that will boost its earnings and increase its capital. BA sits at $89 pissing me off. I feel my option will run worthless and then in June its bullish historial run will happen so I definitely got in to early unless I am “lucky” this month to get a quick big run to sell me out of my position profitably. BA does look like it is at its low for its stock trend going up and down so it might have a run soon. Another option I bought NYX SEP 115 CALLS stock went down to $82 now back up to $97 talk about major loss. Again, if I would of waited for a better play I could of bought it way low and made a small fortune within a months time. Lessons I suppose you can only learn from losing money and trading during times you should be waiting on the sidelines of the field anxious to play. I do have a lot of time left in the CALL, but once it hits $105 I should be sold out + 100% though I could of been up around +500% if I waited to buy when there was a true reversal in momentum.

As for my two penny stocks CCNG.OB and WTVI.PK. They are doing what penny stocks do basically blow up and die. Although both companies are following through with their plans, gorwing their business, what they aren’t doing is growing investors confidence. both positions are down -50 to -75% and I’m not happy and will have to wait much longer to profit once they have respectable moves if they make any real money to surprise new investors to buy their stock. I plan to rebuy both CCNG.OB at the .0001 level. Recently a stock trader has mentioned ETIM.PK and its pretty funny that a company is selling “collectable casket/urns” nonetheless people actually do but crazy stuff for pets expecially. I liked the website and I’ll have to review more. People do die everyday and so do pets with limited lifespans so I could see how it could be a profitable business even when your “core” customers die too!

5 responses

  1. 30% gain is pretty nice. The next few days are an “uptrend” where it would make sense to take some profits. I’d guess that the downwave after that could be strong (3 of C)…

    April 2, 2007 at 11:21 pm

  2. Greg

    WTVI.PK has been painful lately, but I guess that’s what we have to be willing to accept with penny stocks. Are you just going to ride it out until it collapses or possibly turns around – or do you plan on selling what you have now in the company?

    Your comments are appreciated on the google board!

    April 3, 2007 at 2:30 pm

  3. Moom,

    That is what I’m seeing too. A uptrend, but more likely sell-off on stocks. I’m just waiting for a big bearish engulfing candle to happen to signal a nice Put.


    WTVI has been painful, true, and as the great Jesse Livermore would of said you hold onto your winners and dump your losers. He also said he was human and did human emotional mistakes in the stock market. I still own my stock. I’m kind of die or live type of guy. I plan to hold on to it, but I’ve studied penny stocks before and many many of times after a big run up the stock never goes back up it just continually goes down to the point where you want to hang yourself. I’m holding on to WTVI because I think the corporate staff might change the content and it could instantly appeal to more people because its a website. A website can change quickly, update, ex., whereas a physical business can’t. This is why I bought WTVI and CCNG together. CCNG is actually using a real marketing plan and it might slide over business and users to

    I own the stock so I feel comfortable holding onto it forever. I only need to be right 50% in either company to make holding it worth it, but don’t take my opinion if you want to sell then sell. Unless some investors comes over and loads up on cheap shares the price momentum is likely to keep moving downward. If you need the money for a car sell it. If you need the money for your kid sell it. If you are investing money that you need then you are crazier than me.

    April 3, 2007 at 5:17 pm

  4. Dave

    Jones is set to lauch their energy drink any day … get on board and this will gap to $25 and higher soon.

    May 7, 2007 at 5:40 pm

  5. Dave,

    Cool know. I don’t trade JSDN because it doesn’t have options. So I could only buy 100 sares and I’m not interested in doing that. I do watch it because it does affect other stocks.

    May 8, 2007 at 8:52 pm

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