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My first HASH club “the virgin” on st. patty’s day

Since the stock market has been lagging on actual really good content to post about I haven’t been writing much. The market is consumed with sub-prime mortgages and interest rates when earnings growth fundamentals still has been good. Boeing Corp. (BA) is in talks with China over building larger airplanes currently trading at $90.00. Since we are in the choppy confused time of the market you better buy long calls if you are bullish.

As for my first HASH club (a running/drinking group) I had a really great time. It was my first time in Honolulu, HI I was a “virgin” with some other runners. The HASH group ran in spirit on St. Patty’s day throughout Honolulu downtown and we stopped for shots, pub crawls, and lastly a cold iced keg. I had to chug down to big cups being the virgin and lets just say my body and head were feeling pretty good. I met a lot of cool new people older and younger.
I plan on making it a weekly social event to attend. If you are interested search HASH on the internet. There is a group in almost every state and some countries. It’s been going on for almost a century now I believe.

St. Patty’s day was fun. I ended up not staying out after the run and drinking for the St. Patricks day block party downtown because I had work the following day and had to be up at 8 AM. I fell asleep aroun 9 PM and now I’m refreshed enough to write this post.]

As for jobs. I walked into Papa Johns pizza near my house and the drivers said a $4 tip is the average and that is very high. I might really consider taking a second job because I feel I’m just wasting away time that could be earning more money to help me out. I really want to write some music and play songs, but if I’m not going to have anyone to work with then I might as well work more. Since I didn’t pay off my car when I had a chance now I feel I’m forced to work extra to pay it off. I might have the chance later in the year if stocks rise. I was already stupid once now I can’t be stupid twice.

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  1. Oh dear. You’re a hasher? *sigh* I just couldn’t do it. Around here in DC, it’s one huge dating scene.

    March 31, 2007 at 11:27 pm

  2. mapgirl,

    yeah. i’m on my 5th HASH now. the group i’m in given really horrible dirty names so i’m pretty psyched. as for a dating scene i hear it can be the hookup, but if you ever met me i’m not the kind of guy that girls dream about since all im interested is money management.

    April 2, 2007 at 7:18 pm

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