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Alcoholism, volatile stocks, bullish fools, and my frathouse

Just recently I have not been blogging about the ongoing increasingly volatile market because of a lack of internet connection and motivation. Since my Call Option plays went down hill I didn’t have much to write about until now.

The first correction for my stocks I bought Calls on, which is what I thought was the current correction to buy low, but I was wrong. Nonetheless I move on and now patiently wait for stocks to rally their volatile sell-offs. just recently hit a low of $437. I would of liked to purchased it when I saw it bouncing backup, but working during market hours prevents me to do more detailed trades. I bought it around the $446 level before it dropped. GOOG now at $557 makes my Mar 07 Call Options now profitable. As for my other options in NYX and TRMP I can not say the same. WTVI.PK and CCNG.OB are slowly being sold off. There is no support at $.02 for WTVI.PK. I think if the company even received neutral press from outside sources the stocks could move higher into it’s May 07 second phase. At less than $.02’s stock to an average investor might seem cheap or more buyable, but to me the stock shows future weakness from too many short sellers. Also with not showing any new improvements as far as increased active membership, sold channels, and filled advertising slots the site is not looking promising. Any investor that seriously thinks WTVI.PK would be a buyout target is kidding themselves. When a big company buys a little company they are already looking for a turn key business that is profitable to add to their massive portfolio of revenue. hasn’t even started making money yet. So the stock is really only worth $.01 to .05 cents. I don’t think the CEO is thinking like a young person or guru marketer because he isn’t growing his business the way he could be and it doesn’t seem like he takes positive criticism or at least from me! =D I think more word of mouth marketing and banner Ads for their site in spanish sites plus Tv like sites would do wonders for memberships. I think even even at one time did Ads on banners, mass emailing, and spamming in college kids mailboxes which helped it grow into a success. spread by word of mouth because it was cool and the thing to do. will have to repeat this and even better to grow at the rate of or’s audience.
You have to understand why I am such a critic of WTVI.PK. The #1 reason is that I’m a large shareholder and I want to see the company finish what it begins to start. If it says its going to be the largest online wireless Tv provider then it better do it and to the most satisfactory.

As for volatile stocks GOOG, LVS, NYX, TRMP, NUE, and AAPL are some to name a few. Playing Put Options last week would of been a small fortune made. It is okay I didn’t make it. I will just have to grow more from another painful experience. If I just stayed out of the market as my plan and not trade anymore for Feb 07 I still would of been up at $38,000 in my account.
It isn’t the markets fault for falling it’s my own. Now I have to regain around $16,000 is profits lost in about 1 week sadly. More work and less time will force me to do riskier trades in volatile choppy months. I swore to myself as soon as I regained my money back I’d pay off my $23,000 note on my new car. I should of done this from the beginning, but the evil trader inside of me tells me to trade and try to make more money and instead I lose more money, ironic don’t you think?

You’d think losing $16,000 in 1 week could increase alcoholism in my future and you are probably right. I’ve been drinking more white russians recently (absolute vodka, 2% milk, and kalua chocolate liquer). I don’t over do it when I drink, but sometimes I think a visit to the emergency room pumping my stupidity out would do me some good.

I recently moved into my new room in a frathouse like crib on top of the cliffs of Oahu facing downtown Honolulu city, Diamond Head mountain, my military base, and the west side. It is a million dollar view from this old junky filthy house. I say filthy because of the rat terds that lay next to my chips in the pantry that probably have been sitting there for a year now. The other roommates are pretty laid back guys that aren’t too responsible about staying a bit clean so I clean up after them. I like them all. Everyone has a purpose I just don’t know what theirs is because again I’m very odd in the house cleaning, saving money, and try to manage my money. I should also note the lack of trying to be in the game of chasing the female. One of my friends recently told me I should get a tatoo of “M.O.B.” or “Money Over Bitches” and I thought it was very halarious since it’s probably true. I don’t like to spend money, I’m always a dutch like dater, and I’m all about the sugar momma taking care of me. I rarely pampered by women, but I love it when they do try. I love spending money on someone special. This is why M.O.B. fits me because I avoid relationships because I tie them to spending more money.
When I meet the right woman who is as frugal thinking as I am then she’ll definitely be a keeper.

As for my new frathouse I love it. It doesn’t exactly have that home type feeling to it, the guys aren’t finance geeks, and occassionally I will have to wash extra dishes, but all around it does the job. It is 2.4 miles to work keeping mileage and gas costs low on my car. It is also a straight shot to the local beaches and close to nearby Taco Bell runs. My new room is also almost 3 times bigger then my last. It stays cooler in the higher elevation and the space in the room helps me relax more. I’ve finally got a free wireless internet connection from one of the neighbors and hopes it keeps up. I pay $575 with all major utilities included. I recently had to purchase an oven for $96 because it didn’t have any over or cooking, but if I take care of it I should keep it for many years of use.

If GOOG does have a bullish rally from is lower price range I will sell out of my Call Options around the $470 price range to raise my account up some. It won’t really increase until all my options are profitable again…


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