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Current option and penny stock plays I’m in.

Currently it looks like the Nasdaq could possibly be ready to start its next bull rally. Many stock charts are showing some selling, but long-term everyone is buying into different Tech sectors.

QQQQ’s Daily stock chart

qqqq stock chart

Recently I saw CCNG.OB was connected to WTVI.PK, but hasn’t been picked up yet. This company already has a good plan in place and is thinking ahead. They aren’t needy of to be a hit because they receive much of their business from other businesses buying their products to sell retail. It just recently had an order that will most likely give them repeat business and they are using an internet marketer which is a very smart thing to do if you want an internet presense to receive more exposure to big companies needing their products. I think they are taking the right steps to be successful. I also think their site is setup much nicer, more professional, and the image of the CEO is more updated and friendly stating “yeah I’m an older guy with a beard, but I’ve been in business for a long time and I can do the job right”. This is what it shows me. Alex’s picture from WTVI’s site looks to be from the 1980’s and its just a bad picture. I wish he’d update it. I see it as bad public view. If you say you are an internet video guru at least have a really nice looking image of yourself.

CCNG Daily stock chart

CCNG stock chart

Lately Casino’s have surprised me and they continue to profit and take peoples money. Atlantic City, NJ is making it more gambler friendly restructuring all the casinos and that is why I think LVS and TRMP are good casino plays. Currently the charts show a reversal in price for a possible move up either this month or in this year.

LVS Daily stock chart

LVS stock chart

TRMP Daily stock chart

TRMP stock chart

Last NYX exchange stock has been hammered down and recently shown some bullish trading. The DMI has just recently started to go down again when I saw it going up. This stock is kind of mixed and I’m a bit confused myself. The big trend shows it moving up and if Tech is in then I see this stock moving up higher.

NYX Daily Stock Chart

NYX stock chart

4 responses

  1. Near term NDX is going down.

    February 24, 2007 at 3:37 am

  2. Hi moom. I think you meant to say NYX. I see NYX using more computer systems, laying off high paid floor brokers, and increasing profits entering new markets. For the short term it does look like it is going down some. I could be wrong on it so I bought a lot of time, but I think long term the stock will move to $100. Do you have any technical charts you’d like to contribute so I can see what you see? The current trend is down and most stockRSI and macd’s are flipping over. I’m looking for the reversal.

    February 24, 2007 at 6:38 am

  3. dear fake marshall smith,

    i know what you are up to….

    your stock sucks, all peny stocks do except Spicey Pickle or spkl.ob

    now go home.

    August 8, 2008 at 11:11 am

  4. Louis

    I think it’s important when trading penny stocks that you trade them and not invest in them. You see, I believe most are worthless. This does not mean that you can’t make money with them.

    You just have to realize not to get emotionally attached to them and sell when you realize a good profit. You don’t want to be stuck holding worthless paper.

    i normally visit this to get some good education and information.

    February 28, 2009 at 8:04 pm

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