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The secret society of financial board gamers and new business on my mind.

I will start offering to play with people a fun financial board game in Honolulu, Hi. It can help them and myself with some motivation to stay on track and keep going after our goals. For investors that are new to the money game it offers some valuable simple experiences that might help you start thinking differently to get you where you want to go. To read more and to participate in this fun event click on “Get Financially Fit” or click on this link.

Also recently I responded to a Ad in the business/management section of employment and met a really neat business woman. At first I thought she was just a beginner, needed a bit of motivation, and some small help, but the more I have emailed with her I am finding out she is a very successful extremely smart individual from my point of view. I’m very blown away at some of the things she writes and she is very ambitious and I find that rad because it’s rare to find such ambitious big dreamers out there that really want to pursue their businesses. She is creating a two new fashionable products for the trendy young crowd and fashionably fun person alike. I really like her ideas and mega plans. It would be awesome being a part of her circle of networkers that helps her complete what she wants to do. If I receive permission to post our discussions about business and marketing I plan to post them on my site for others to read at a later date. I plan to help her anyway I can freely and really want her to succeed. She seems like a fun person to play with at my financial board games and hope she might be an attendee.

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