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Buying Apple Inc. (AAPL). Why I’m bullish for AAPL & WTVI

If you bought Apple Inc. (AAPL) today at $86 I’m 100% confident tomorrows high will at least be $1-2 pts higher and close positive. I’m also confident AAPL stock has reversed finally to the upside and big buyers have stepped in. This is probably a short-term correct meaning it might go up for 3-4 days, but that is enough to make some money. If AAPL stock hits $89-90 by Friday I’m right. If it doesn’t then the stock is heading farther down quicker.

Check out this chart I have of AAPL. This is why I think a definite reverse in price is about to happen: (click on picture to enlarge)

aapl chart

Recently I’ve aquired half million shares of WTVI.PK and it is up around 65% within the past 3 days (which means up $.002 cents!). I plan to keep the stock until I think its a lemon or it hits $1 which ever comes first. I’m considering buying another half million, but I want to bring up my account first, meet my goals, and then buy more. I’m really excited about the company because Bill Gates backs the techology mix with social networking which is always a plus and the site definitely has something new to offer any consumer that has a wi-fi device that wants entertainment for free. I feel will provide this and get better at what they want to offer the more popular the site and service to members it becomes just like and

The stock is making great buying moves. Current volume is going up every day and all the diluted floating shares are being bought up and that’s what I like to see. The companies market capital is only worth right now probably around $200,000 dollars. This isn’t even a million dollar company. So if they aren’t able to get advertisers and sponsors within 6-12 months this company will be worth $0 most likely because of bankruptcy.

Here is the daily and weekly chart of – Both trend charts are showing a reverse in the stock price going up. It is currently hitting the bollinger bands on the daily which could make it come down, but if the stock is bullish and investors are buying in before the announcement then it should break through the BB. (Click on the pictures to enlarge.)

wtvi stock chart

wtvi weekly chart

If you’d like me to research your stock and blog about it shoot me an e-mail. -FN

7 responses

  1. Don’t be surprised if falls back to the $0.003 to $0.001 range. Even so it remains a great buying opportunity. Just my two cents.

    February 9, 2007 at 1:03 am

  2. Thanks for your comments. I did sign up for the google group because right now is super small and its good to hear what other people are thinking. If the market cap is what it says then whoever invests in it right now actually has a lot of ownership in the company, although with each new investor that learns about the company if the price goes to .001 almost 0 cents then people are selling and not believing in the companies business plans. I’ve emailed the Alex, chairman, and asked him about this new site. If it isn’t very young person friendly like having message boards, blogs, about me, pictures, my page, then I don’t see how it will compete with and in the long run. I’m not really digging the red, white, and blue marketing colors either. I’m hoping the site will have a new look Feb 19 or I might doubt the companies plans to be a brand name site.

    I noticed on your site you say you are on if so how come your link doesn’t go directly to your channel because I can’t find you on the site.


    February 9, 2007 at 2:31 am

  3. C. North

    I like your view of wi-fitv but this company has a steep hill to climb in the next 6-12 months as you’ve said.i spoke with the companys financial officer the other day and was very unhappy to be truthful.For one he wasn’t able to express to me that he saw a future rise in the companies stock price until the company is able to buy back alot of the loose shares you spoke of which they haven’t really done yet because they haven’t been turning revenues to support buying back those shares.Further he wasn’t able to indulge me on the new format and how it will help the company succeed in generating a profit margin from advertisers in fact he hasn’t even seen the new content he quoted that i probably knew just as much as he did on the format change and how it would help.I asked him to also give me an idea of whether or not the company would provide some aggressive advertising to get interest up in the site and public investors to buy in which he responde yes but failed to mention any specific advertising strategy except a yes to some possible tv advertisements.I left the conversation feeling less confident than i ever had before about investing as much as i would like in the company for a long term stock in my portfolio.For short term however i find that a minimum investment can add up to some nice quick profit because of the hype generating over the launch coming february 19th of new format and technology along with free membership and hot features line one world web channel where anyone can send their personal video message to the world,interactive tv and free parties as well as free long distance.This all looks great and i agree it will help the site gain major exposure very very fast as millions more hits roll in and more investors jump on it will be a field day for anyone buying in under a penny for at least 3 months.The thigs concerning me is will all the hype,exposure,stock gains, and format change really help this site become the next big thing in internet entainment or help this company die a horrible death in less than a year.The reason i say this is all the aforemention things will not i repeat will not help this company maintain its long term goal of making profits as competition in the internet video industry is growing at a very excelerated rate.For one i’d like to say that it all relates to the sites content and not its format nearly as much as they are relying on to help gain the profits they need.the main reason i say this is they haven’t generated the number of hits much less membership which is free to get the attention of large advertisers willing to spend big money for adds on their site because they do not at this time have the any major channels or any reason for visitors of the site to become members yet.Sure the new format will help and free internet phone calls are attractive but i doubt this will save them because the content of the channels on wi-fitv is very dull and cannot capture the repeat viewers they need to generate revenue.I will be contacting someone in the companys public and cotumer relations this week to find out more of what the comapny is trying to do in the way of helping its channel owners get some content that will gain viewership and memberships in turn drawing the advertising interest they need to make the stock and the company a true asset.I saw very few channels that will gain the audience attention enough to remember the website and mark it on the favorites list as they do my space and youtube.Plus now that youtube and other like sites are now giving incintives for people to bring new content to them it could make wi-fis channels holders in a bad position to find new content.The goal of wi-fi should be to help the channel purchasers with their programming in order to boost the amount of material people will actually come to wi-fi to watch.For example i have been looking through the old format they still have up and viewed alot of the channels and although they do have a few good channels such as the music channels(see eamusic channel’)the overall channels have no content of substance that will keep a viewer on the site for more than 30 minutes or so before theywould find it boring and log out possibly forever thinking wi-fitv has nothing to offer.The company did have a great idea of offering each presidential candidate with their own channel for free which could be a very big deal if the candidates do use this option.The bad thing is i see no type of molding in the channel buyers they do have.For instance the Smithsonian has what they call panda cam along with many other animal cams to gain the zoo some public exposure which is a good idea and does help them i’m sure but at the same time its not the kind of channel that is drawing people in and keeping an audience for more than 30 minutes to an hour at best when people will grow bored with it and say enough of just watching a webcam with a panda cam i’d rather see some neat animal tricks on youtube!!But if the panda channel were to put a program on about the pandas and put some info about the animal we are always seeing and alot of the time not seeing because the panda is out of camera view give some info on other zoo’s in different regions which they can charge for or raise funds by advertising for donations to the zoo then more and more people would not only wi-fi in but they would stay longer gain more interest in people who want to build their own channels for advertisement purposes.The bottom line is content means viewers and viewers means advertisers and more people running to put a channel on wi-fi and big advertisers who want their adds seen by those viewers.

    February 11, 2007 at 3:42 am

  4. C. North. Thanks for you well thought out comment. You are 100% right about website content and currently Wi-Fi TV doesn’t have it. I’m looking for an initial stock price jump to get out. I’m figuring in the few months ahead if they do anything right it should spark some buying into the company since they advertise their stock on all of the recruiting websites. I also think the site should offer individuals to upload video to be streamed then offer exclusive tv channels on the side because amatuers that want to shoot their first show aren’t going ot have $20k in their pockets and $2k a year to run it. Most people that upload to are teenagers. I think its strategy is all wrong and the company could have a better outlook if they got talent on their channels and offered better initiatives like you mentioned. thanks for the comment. -FN

    February 11, 2007 at 11:54 am

  5. Ed

    Looks like you were wrong about AAPL. Never be lkjsadf
    100% on stocks. That is impossible.

    February 12, 2007 at 10:41 am

  6. Ed,

    Since I’m full time at the ship underway I was very tuned in with reports. I feel AAPL could of made another move up if the Fed reports didn’t happen. Me, dumb, did not know the reports were the next day! Eeeek. Looks like AAPL is having a small come back with the Citigroup upgrade to buy. I think Citigroup is right and made a lot of correct points in their commentary on the stock.

    February 13, 2007 at 12:25 pm

  7. The post kind of helped me. Well How you get ideas for such posts. sorry if it’s out of topic.

    November 13, 2009 at 11:44 pm

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