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Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs could make AAPL stock fall hard

Lately Apple Computer Inc. has been getting some great reviews on it’s new product line for 2007 secretly done by AAPL CEO Steve Jobs. I think even earnings this year with selling the smaller iPod Shuffle to the masses could be a hit and we already know iTunes has done superb selling downloads just another cash growth machine from Apple. What we also hear about over and over is the AAPL stock options probe on Apple itself and going after the CEO of the company Steve Jobs. If CEO Steve Jobs is asked to step down or leave this could be dangerous for the stock price. I could see it falling more than 10% in a day. Recently after the hype about the new products from the Mac Expo 2007 the stock has been slowly treading down which isn’t strange because the stock is up around 12%. Some profits will be take off the table. I think it will go higher into earnings. I think it will be a very volatile year for Apple.
If the iPhone does very well and is a hit it could be the biggest trend setter yet since the iPod started in 2000. If CEO Jobs has to leave it will damage and hurt investors, but only for the short-term as long as Apple sustains its growth and products sell and produce earnings beating Wall Street Analyst estimates. AAPL currently trades at $95.

A former real Wall Street analyst blogger I found did a great job commeting on his Coffee Brew for Friday Jan 12. I like what he has to say. He sounds very knowledgeable about the market.
I’d read some of his posts and I think he is also right about Computer sales for the Tech Sector about AMD. I think you could see some change later in 2007.

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