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Apple Computer (AAPL) the good news and bad news…

As you all have heard if you read any financial online news Apple Computer’s commity board has cleared CEO Steve Jobs of all the options probes, which lifted the stock price up 5% Friday to around $85. My options will become unsellable soon if this coming week Wed through Friday of 2007 AAPL does not move back to the $90’s now with a big kick of momentum. I feel the better decision to invest in would of been FXI index fund now around $112 which would of been the easier more trustworthy trend to follow, but there are not woulds and coulds in investing. Once your order has been taken you are in. Yes I had the option to get out early loosing only a few hundred dollars, but my darn concious has not been disciplined yet. I just don’t want to loose and I am starting to think because I don’t want to loose I actually loose not only my money I save to invest, but also my gaining confidence that I can be a successful long-term trader in the stock market. Sometimes I feel like there is no hope in my trading because I don’t know how to say no to trades I want to get into. There is no “Happy in Seatle” ever. I just want more more more. I ended up adding to loosing trades turning them into bigger loosers and when I do get out profitably I’m not happy with my results even if I get a big gain because I did not trade correctly how I was taught. I don’t want to keep learning lessons in the market. I want to make solid outstanding trades. I just need to become that solid outstanding disciplined trader able to accept to be a looser and let the market win sometimes because I’m learning many times you might not be correct so you have to get out when you are wrong.

Apple Computer after releasing CEO Steve Jobs from the option probe looked like it could come around until it unleased a handful of plaintiff lawsuits against AAPL’s “itunes and ipod monopoly”. I’d really like to punch the company or person in the face that has these claims. You know Apple was a nobody company back in the 1970’s and nobody really believed in it. It started with just college kids liking to program and make a difference in the home computer world with little money. They didn’t start out thinking they were going to dominate the world with a huge monopoly on music downloads, computers for artist and movie makers, and iPod players that consumers just want so bad. I’m sure every company in the back of their heads and in their mission statements wants to be successful with no limits to profits. Sure there is a lot of marketing involved this is what most any successful company does – Find out what consumers want to buy and Apple made big bucks doing just this – Great Ads for iTunes and iPods.

Apple computers stock and computers were really only bought by schools through the 1980’s (I remember using them and learning how to type on them in Middle School), and not until the 1990’s they were highly loved by musicians and artists. Until CEO Steve Jobs came out with the iPod around 2000 Apple was a nobody in the computer business with such a small niche. Now they have a product everybody loves and did a great job with it’s sales force and upgraded their computers to compete with PC’sto be bought by their new customers wanting only Apple and you have the right to throw a lawsuit against them? I guess it is your right, but I’d like the right to knock you out. So stop bitching and come out with own great product that you’ve worked secretly hard on and sell it to the world.

I see AAPL moving up or staying at the same price until earnings and see it still dropping unless Apple Computer creates new history for itself. It currently has a high PEG score over 2 times which means it’s being sold, although its EPS and growth looks really good to keep the stock moving up over time if it can keep momentum with new computer sales growth is the real key to Apple’s long-term success with new products.

I’ve recently been reading Cramer’s book “Mad Money” the new one and will be doing a review on it soon.
Cheers -FN

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