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Organizing my blogroll & two investor blogs to keep an eye on

First I want to mention two blogs I came across reading.
1. Covered Calls – An investor that buys covered calls with stock to receive “premiums” if called out. A great way to make 5-20% or more within a month that is a very safe stable investment ride on your money.
2. Dividend Investing – A guy that buys stocks expecially that pay out dividends to receive income from that has been blogging for over a year on it and also blogs good articles on investing.

As for organizing my blogroll I’ve finally found some actually option traders like above and plan to split investor blogroll into multiple categories for easier navigation for blog readers.

Investor Blogroll Categories will be:
Option Trader Blogs
Dividend Income Blogs
Real Estate Blogs
Learn to Save Blogs
Open Wallet Blogs
Other Investment Blogs

One response

  1. Thanks for the mention. Tim at Learning Covered Calls

    December 29, 2006 at 4:23 pm

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