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Apple (AAPL) iTunes Store receives 90% of PAID Video Downloads

I found this paragraph interesting on an off subject source on video downloads for the movie industry:

Of paid downloads, 62% was TV content, 24% was music video content and 6% was mainstream movie content. Where were consumers buying these downloads? About 90% percent came from Apple Computer’s iTunes store, with 5% coming from movie-subscription site Vongo, 3% from movie download service Movielink and less than 1% from movie download service CinemaNow. ”

For the full news article click here.

This came from:

Apple Computer is currently trading lower and lower.  I find it painful because I see on the charts the next day it will trade lower and I rebuy Calls at lower points waiting for a big buy back, but I think these dumb anaylst are still pissed about backdating options, iPhone name being taken by Cisco (CSCO), no show for financial reports, and Jim Cramer’s opinionating voice is not moving Apple up like any other stock he would usually vouch for.  Jim Cramer keeps saying everything is misleading and Apple is worth more and creating major growth.  I am with him completely, but currently the public investor is selling it off.  So until an institution comes in with “strong buy” (of course while the load up on it first to make the real profit) I will have to patiently wait for the 50% solid run that will go up into earnings.  Problem is “time decay” with call options when you are dumb like me and buy this month for maximum profitability and maximum loss…   Smart thing to do buy lots of time and deep in the money, oh yeah but that would of been the right thing to do.  Shit.  I can’t stand being young and immature.

2 responses

  1. --=(0-0)=--

    PAtience grasshoppah…that sorta thing comes around the wee ole age of 30 or so….no I keep hearing….;-p

    December 21, 2006 at 6:40 am

  2. I’m not far from 30, Vars, but I hope I learn it
    before then!

    December 21, 2006 at 7:36 am

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