Paul Meyer Buys Houses I like it, but its just a lot of talk.

Lately I found off I think for random finance blogging.  The site has great interesting videos daily about the stock market and companies.  In that respect it is fun and cool.  I find it is like the next Jim Cramer’s Mad Money or simular Fast Money.  It seems everybody is trying to be the next cool trendy stock picker show.  How about show your own picks, your own portfolio, goals, and how good you really are so people know they aren’t wasting their time watching your little Blog Tv skit about Wall Street.  I’m not saying isn’t amusing or isn’t helpful to other finance bloggers and people investing in the markets I’m just saying I like to see evidence.  I like MyOpenWallet but I don’t even feel its that open.  The young New Yorker female blogs about random consumer buying and saving, but really nothing about stocks.  Blogging about stocks isn’t very popular and cool.  I think it is.  I do search for blogs that show a diary of trades and just blogs information on their stocks.  I have found Trader Mike’s somewhat good and recently a newer blogger MillionDollarCountDown’s blog rather informative on his trades which is rare.  Think about it no bad trader wants the public to know they make bad trades!  I promised myself I would show all the real trades I do profitable and not profitable so if their is a person that wants to read my blog they are receiving valuable information for their time.  I say valuable because they might pick up also why I gained or lost money and it might help while trading the same stock or something else simular.  I am not a stock expert, guru, or wall street advice blog.  All my blog is a record of my trades and random small funny entries to keep my blog from drying up because finances and the stock market can make you fall asleep.  If I can get wordpress to allow javascript I think I will add daily video to my blog because I’d allow some humorous wall street news with my technical chart anaylsis and journaled trades.  I’d say a bonus for any readers that start to fall asleep looking at too many tickers and numbers…I’m pretty multi-talented.  I might come out with my own wall street video blog, but I have to admit Lindsey has her thing down.  It has all the components of a solid production something I can’t compete with right now.  So why compete when I can share her great journalism for free?

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