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MTV’s Beauty and the Geek, more interesting then the stock market today.

Hi.  I was watching some older episodes actually the first episode of Beauty and the Geek by MTV.  I like the show.  I guess in the end the dumb beauties learn some stuff and fall in love with the Geeks because they are simple and would do anything to make them happy – what geek wouldn’t for a chance with a hot babe?  The show is basically hot dumb babes with extremely talented smart geeky guys.  I can relate with these multi-talented badly dressed sexually unappealing geeks, although I think I’m just critisized as creepy or weird.  I actually enjoy the shows because these guys seems so authentic and real.  They could be actors, but they have all the elements of very hopeless romantic nerdy guys.  As quoted in the show by a beautiful women “It’s like its the revenge of the nerds movie”.   She is right.  I do not have cable or MTV.  I was watching it on the ship where we do have VH1 and MTV.  I don’t watch much Tv because I’m more of a movie guy or really great sitcom show if there is one on.  I use to watch repeats of Seinfield and of course yes Friends.  Who doesn’t?  A lot of people are into Family Guy, but I really never got the show.  I suppose I’m too geeky to get it.  I’m not much of a dude’s dude.  I don’t talk shit about women behind their backs.  If a person feels I did talk shit then if I am wrong I’ll respectfully admit it and keep my integrity.   I probably compliment beautiful women more then I should when I don’t receive any compliments back.   I guess I can’t expect it, but a surprising nice comment does works for a geeks confidence level.

I hope these nerdy geeky guys do learn something or did since the show is over I think.  I have hope in them that possibly they might make it to second base within the next 5 years instead of 10 when women will just want them for their millions they are worth in the long term.

As for a short brief on stocksThe DJIA and NAS barely moved and NYX and MA moved around 3% gaining back points slighty showing and uptrend although I still feel I have not confirmed where the market will go.  I still feel down in Dec 2006The billionaire Kerkorian sold out his 10% stake in GMI think he’s smart.  GM wasn’t really looking into the future.  I think a conglomerate mix of Nissan and Renault motors would made a stronger corporate company instead of cutting jobs they should be increasing growth making more efficient safe cheap cars.  There is so much technology out there theses days like hydrogen fueled powered carsThese cars have already been tested and have a proven system.  Once the first major car builder player comes and starts it they will own the monopoly somewhat like how Apple has created a classy smooth looking iPod music player that no one can compete with the world is in love with it.  A car maker these days has to do just that.  To have the monopoly they need really efficient MPG, clean engine, roomy, and a very young likeable carI love my 2005 Honda Element EX with all its newer features and smooth ride, but I would dig Honda a lot more if they came out with a hydrogen powered one that got 100-200% better gas mileage.  I am currently getting around 20 MPG city and 23 highway.  Its a bigger 4CYL but I was expecting better MPG then that.  I love the entire room space.   It has so much space bigger then any SUV in its class.

Well later. 

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