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AAPL earnings in January – New products – Strong holiday sales

I just recently decided that I have been ignoring Apple Computers stock way too much.  I watch it everyday and I consider it one of my expert stocks.  I’m trading companies I really shouldn’t be trading in right now like MSO and AMAT which are acting like snails and aren’t moving, sadly I can’t even sell out.  I decided for my 100% trade of the month I would buy AAPL calls going into earnings Jan 07.  The rumors and the news predict very strong sales for Apple Computer, a possible new iPod phone surprise – read apple phone patent news,  and Microsofts Zune is not selling showing that the iPod’s advertising is still pushing sales higher then ever.  Plus don’t foget Apple’s itunes and imusic store selling millions of songs each quarter.  Another positive note to add to this winning companies story is the strong increase in its Mac Pro being sold more then ever.  I’ve even read a couple of blogs where people that use to hate everything about Mac’s now want one more then ever just because they switched to Intel chips with the new software OS X that can switch between Windows XP applications and Mac OS software.  For these reasons I’m choosing this stock of Dec 06 for my 100% trade towards my $40,000 goal on the way to $1 Million.  I can also note that AAPL also just received a price target upgrade to $108.  If AAPL does anything like RIMM did with earnings and products the price could well go into the $120’s leaving plently of room for me to trade the stock going up and down earning 100%.

Well that’s it for now. -P

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  1. I like Apple and agree with most of your analysis. However, buying a $100 call scares me…just in case it does not happen. In any event I will watch your site. Wish you luck my friend.

    December 10, 2006 at 2:36 pm

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