At first I thought it was a brilliant money saving idea, now maybe not…

Okay so something I didn’t mention about one of my roommates.  Well around late August I put up 2 Ads on and for a person to roommate with me.  I was offering to split my room, my bed, my closet, and my desk for $250/Month and $300/Month if I was absent on patrol with the USCG.

At first what seemed like a brilliant money saving idea slowly turned into one of my worst nightmares as a dude like me could ever get himself into.  I received some replies mostly SPAM from europe students then 2 real ones.  Out of the two the current person seemed most likely to get along with.  I shall keep the female unnamed.  She seemed pretty real and fun.  I talked to her on the phone twice.  I mean this was pretty weird to begin with.  A chick and a dude that have never met sleeping on the same bed together, but I was like I don’t care because that’s an extra $250 I can save which is almost 10% of my take home pay after paying Uncle Sam.  I’m sure you are thinking by now this dude is going to get into deep shit, which I totally did. 

So I pick her up at the airport because she came from the northern east coast and wanted to vacation in Hawaii and maybe get a job and stay.  I was upfront with her about how the conditions were going to be.  My place isn’t pimpin as the call it these days.  To me I feel its not a bad place, but if I would knew more about this chick I definitely would of not of accepted her as my roommate.  So back to the airport scene.  This was funny.  I’m there on time and we meet.  A little strange but very new you could say.  I already get the vibe off her she thinks I’m kind of creepy, but this is okay because I’d say that is natural with most women I start to have a conversation with.  When all I can do is talk about money and stocks it kind of bores women resulting in singleness.

I take her on a drive and we walk in Waikiki to work on getting to know each other before I take her back to the 3rd world country crib because that is what it is.  =)  She seems nice, very smilely, attractive, well dressed, and a bit not so smart.  I’m sure she is smart, but if you talked to her she would come off as a big ditz.  I’m like whatever as long as she has the money I can invest in more stock options. 

We get back to my place and she sleeps on her side and I sleep on my side of the bed.  A big interesting moment I’d say for a big geek like me that hasn’t been with a woman for a long time and I’m not talking months.  😉  I guess I really did not think this part through in my big brilliant idea.  All I think about is saving money, trading stocks, work, and going surfing; dating women and relationships don’t play a big part in my daily life since I’ve been so goal oriented.  I figured sharing it with a female keeping it platonic would be pretty heterosexual thing to do.  If I had a bunk bed or two seperate beds then it would of not mattered since I sleep in a berthing area with 16 guys on the ship.   I didn’t think of any sexual interests in my plan.  In short, I liked her at least very attractively.  I believe I already knew the first day I was a moron to get a hot chick to move in with me.  From her pictures she didn’t seem very attractive.  Being attractive wasn’t the main issue to get a roommate.  Just someone that could fit on the bed with me and still have space between us and staying clean would be nice.  In person I was sexually desiring her (big problem #1).  I didn’t want to buy her anything or evolve around her, but I knew we weren’t going to be roommates forever.  So I thought why not make a move.  I did make a move and well I was wrong about that.  Things got weird and I was flushed down the toilet.  I accepted my actions taken.  I figured if I never tried to make a move and she started dating other guys then I’d regret it the rest of my life.  I’m very shy, but I felt I got to get to know her enough to take the fall if it happened.  I’m glad I tried.  My confidence level went up even though I am still kissless and dateless, but hey I got my bro’s right?  Right (sigh).   😦   Trust is something later that did not hold through…

So it has been almost 2 months now.  She is moving out.  For the first month I believe it was chill.  All the roomies would hangout with my friends and we all got along pretty fine.  There were some episodes of wackness, but we made through them.  Recently she has gone a-wall herself because my drunken friends leaked out bad rumor info and it got to her and lets just say shes pissed and thinks I’m some big creepy punk now.  I took her bitching and quietly took it with no fighting back or arguing.  I’m a cool smooth dude and I will obtain my status.  I let her say what she wanted to say and said, “Okay”.  During this time period I have to admit our relationship as friends or should I say aquiantances was getting sour and it was opening my eyes more that she was just a bitchy complainy 12 year old girl (shes 20) and that she sounded fake and is just a big boring fake.  I am not putting this sterotype on women, just her.  None of my friends liked her and my friends are welcoming people so that kind of opened my infactuated eyes a bit.  So now I’m like yeah she might have a hot bod, but shes just a big bore.  Lets just say she loves to complain and call people “stupid” very much so.  It is very annoying, mean, and stupid on her own part.  She might think its cute, but believe me its not.  I’m glad I can see through her negative intentions.

I’ve met some other girls during that time also and it made me realize how much she isn’t worth taking out to dinner.  Theres women I meet and really want to take them out, they are just usually already in relationships.  For the most part I believe if you are a great gal and work and getting men to love you then you are going to have a man.  Most women I meet that are single are single for a reason.  My reason for being single is because I want to be single.  It’s cheaper and being with a woman makes me spend much more money.  Hey if you meet a girl that likes free outdoor activities don’t loose her!  It’s rare.

So now 2 months later into my big plan I will soon go on patrol and my room is empty.  What?  What do you think I’m going to do?  Oh you know it!  Repost an another Ad to sublet my room for a couple of months until I come back for around $350.  Every bit of money helps I think.  As long as I don’t have to personally room with anybody I’m still going to do it. 

I also plan on moving out and getting my own studio or 1 bedroom place with maybe 1 roommate that lives exactly like I do if I can find one.  Or room with people that have professional 7am-4pm type jobs, and goto sleep during the weekdays by 11pm.  If you want to party during the weekends fine; just let me wake up with energy during the weekdays.  I admit to you and everyone I like my sleep!  I dream a lot and its fascinating being in your own dream world.

So I learned my lesson.  If you need the money and you are going to split your bed with a female #1 make sure shes ugly (no attractiveness), #2 sign a contract on the room to keep the person from moving, #3 make sure the person is smart and not so barbiesh.

Well guys and gals.  good night. -P

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  1. Military people try to take in roomates all the time trying to saving on their housing allowance. It nevers turns out well and sometimes ends up costing more.

    ***Insert shame-less plug***I am in the Air Force and created a blog to help military members with their finances. I would like to know if you would like to exchange links. Thanks.

    Brandon J or e-mail me at

    November 25, 2006 at 8:10 pm

  2. Hi Brandon. I did do it to save more on my housing allowance, but to save to retire not to have more to spend so I don’t feel so shameful. I’d love to exchange links with you. I am looking into creating myself as a “financial fitness trainer” for the Coast Guard.

    November 26, 2006 at 3:07 am

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