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Yuck. Smoking is disgusting even if the buzz is good.

Okay.  I recently wrote about smoke almost a week ago and I think I’m about to quit now even though I have around 6 packs left from a carton of Newport 100’s I bought.  Last night I thought I’d buy me a girly girl mixed drink at the bar.  I ordered a Lua Punch.  It has 5-6 different vodkas, orange juice, and 7-up.   I dranks two up pretty quick and smoked over 6-8 cigarettes in between and after them.   I could not sleep because I got a headache and stomache ache from a bundle full of smoke in my tummy.  I feel grose.  I’ve also noticed lately that when you wake up in the morning even if you haven’t had a smoke for a day you wake up with that smoke nicotine taste in your mouth.  I also find my mouth tasting like smoke even after I’ve eaten without smoking.  It’s such a bland kind of burnt coffee cappaccino taste in your mouth.   I think if I am going to continue to smoke I will limit myself to just when I drink hard and 2 smokes a day with taking days off until I am finished with my packs unless I can sell them off otherwise.

 I had a girlfriend once that went to bed after smoking and kissing was very undelightful.  I don’t want to be that significant other with smoke saliva burnt breath, at the same time smoking does slow down my heart pressue.  I feel its fair to say that just because you are stressed out doesn’t mean smoking will relieve stress because it doesn’t, but it does something psychologically.

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  1. Domenick

    Yeah only newports make me sick and leave that taste in my mouth especially the 100 try marlboro or camel non menthol or even camel or marlboro menthol is better than Newport

    January 3, 2009 at 10:19 am

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