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Smokers. I finally understand the big deal about it.

Okay.  I’ve always been one to judge about smoking.  Lately with a lot of stress in my life I wanted to see if the habit actually relieved the stress.  It does.  I finally understand why people smoke cigarettes.  Well at least for me it gives me a total high like I just took down a couple of shots of tequila.  The burning sensation in my throat is not the most enjoyable, but the all around feel of your heart slowing down and the nocotine going throughout your body like a strong beer really relaxes yourself.  I’m not saying you should pick up smoking.  I’m not even a smoker yet.  I did buy my first pack of Newport Menthols.  $6.55 a pack.  I do not think I will be smoking very long.  When I do light up I have to admit I’m pretty buzzed and happy for a moment.  I’m actually happy a lot, but its more of a center of the universe happy inside.  I’m balanced yet have many stressful demanding things I have to do in my daily life to keep up with the pace. 

I remember criticizing and trying to get an ex-girlfriend to stop smoking.  She smoked a lot.  She must of been very stressed out.   I just enjoy a cigarette for what it is.  I don’t need a smoke.  I don’t even smoke regularly.  Maybe I am just a social smoker.  I do not want to become a full-time smoker and have already made the choice and will power in my mind not to.  

So if you have strong will power and you want a really great buzz smoke a cigarette and cool off.  It’s not far off from a strong beer and better yet have both.  I’m not promoting to kill yourself with cancerous tobacco chemicals.  Smoking is still bad for your health. 

It’s also bad for your savings account figuring in a year you could easily spend over $2,000 just on cigarettes.  That is $2,000 more you can have to save. 

My lungs actually feel kind of smoked out and burnt after 3 cigarettes in less than 30 minutes.  I need to keep it to less than 2 smokes a day when I actually choose to smoke for the day or meet a girl that won’t let me smoke and gives me a buzz being with her.

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