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the Dating world, me, and drunk roommates

Have you ever just had a crush on a person you can not have?  For some center of the Earth reason the women I meet are not interested in me and it strikes to me very interesting.  I suppose the point that I find out they already have some boyfriend in some distance land doesn’t help me either.  I suppose I could go to the bar buy a girl a drink, lie to her, and get her home but then it would really defeat the purpose of wanting to meet someone I’d actually want to take out.  Recently I met a girl who’s passionate about Egyptian pyramid history.  For her age I find her highly intelligent that says shes been studying it since she was 5.  It hard to believe, but not really when I’ve been listening to the stock market daily report when I was 5 in the back of my parents old Plymouth Reliant.  Shes more of girl that doesn’t try to dress to impress, but I kind of like that.  She described her boyfriend to me and I wasn’t impressed with the vocabulary words she used.  She’s also in the military and its common ground to communicate on.  Too bad she wasn’t single.  So the dating world goes on and I find myself in a vast ocean, who will I bump into next?

Recently in the house of pain or should I say house of gay because now I think my own female roommate is going gay on me.   Maybe bi?  She recently just met another chick just like her.   I mean EXACTLY like her.  I think they hit it off great because both of them don’t realize how much of stuck up snobs and complainers they are.   I do not want to sound mean but they really are.  They expect the world, a diamond ring, a pony, and a fancy meal and that’s the first date.  I had a crush on her, but knowing myself its only sexual.  Okay.  She has a bangin body and I want it.  I’m a dude.  Dudes like to have sex.  We think sex all of the time.  I’ve been out of the house a lot lately hanging with my guy friends so I wouldn’t have to trap myself around her.  I think this new friend of hers will now occupy her time, which is probably the best thing for me.

My other roommate that just recently came home a Navy guy who is a dick to women calls my roommate stupid and has tatoo’s and all that big man stuff has probably actually gotten farther then I have with her.  He isn’t a dick to me.  I’d say if he is with a woman he tries to get what he wants.  It makes me somewhat jealous because I do like her a lot physically and this other dude sure does seem to pull better moves in shorter amount of time then myself.  She isn’t a bad person nor has she been mean to me, but I think she tries to ignore me.  I don’t think we’ll ever even be friends because its uncomfortable.  I like to have it all or none.  So I’ll always just be an acquaintance to her.  This isn’t some game to get into her pants, but I actually thought I had a fighting chance.  The roommate rule totally busted my chance.  Do I still want the chance?  Hmmm.  Not really after I met a more simple fun extremely smart woman. 

I really don’t get what women want.  You ask them and most of the time the desired wants you really don’t want to hear unless shes very genuine and then you might really want to give it to her, like yourself.  I can’t say my roommate is very genuine.   She is very wanty of material things and expects to be a house wife with a very expensive ring.

My other female roommates are working hard at getting a career in what I do now.  If she’s successful at getting a job she’ll be paid very high probably like $90k starting off.  Her girlfriend suffers from her drunkness.  I hope they both get smart and stick away from the alcohol.

The Navy guy has left again on patrol I believe and won’t be back for a while.  He’s a very big drinker.  This dude drinks.  I don’t think his DUI or problems with drinking and the military stop him. 

Don’t get me wrong I like to drink too.  I can not say though I will drink myself to puke like my roommate who acts like a sick 12 year old girl in the bathroom putting her fingers down her throat.  Not my style.  I actually took care of her like I do everyone else and they don’t care and rather I don’t.  I’d rather they just don’t come back if they are going to be that drunk that I can’t sleep and have to go into work tired.

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