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Martha Stewart Living Co. (MSO) Earnings and Oil stocks

Okay.  First of all I’m starting to dislike because I typed a long summary of MSO earnings and other stocks and again it has been whiped clear and my work deleted.

Lets try again:

Martha Steward Living Co. earnings was what I expected.  Earnings are much better with increased revenues because of all the new companies taking up Ad space in her magazines, Tv show, online, and product sales doing great.  I think her products are marketed great.  Profits increase up to 45% and debt is going down.  If MSO can keep this up they should become debt free and have a cash flow business in the near future.  The stock rose 5% up to around $21.20 for the day.  There is no reason the stock shouldn’t keep stepping up closer to $25-27 share.  On the charts it has already created a massive breakout uptrend.  I believe its only half way to where it is going to go.   I’m think by January 2007 it could be at $30 if they keep increasing revenue and decreasing debt including beating anaylst opinions like they did today.


Next earnings is Garmin Co.  If they beat anaylst I expect the stock to hit $56 Thursday.  At that point I should be selling out if I’m smart and not greedy like I was last Thursday when I could of sold out up $6k and got back in Monday to have 2 better trades then 1.

Look for Apple (APPL) to rise too with its new iPod shuffle just in time for the holiday season.  More iPods sold increase also revenue at iTunes for its iMusic sales.  The new Intel Power Macs are coming out too which many Mac lovers want.  So give it to them!

Oil is moving now with the market.  I saw a bullish turn in OIH today at a support price of $130 then it moved right up to a close of $134.  Oil is at $57.50 BBL which is also a support buying price.  I want to get into OIH Calls once I have another $1000 to invest with.  I see OIH hitting $145 in the near future.


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