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Big Island, Hawaii earthquake – Dealing with drunk roommates

I woke up this morning twice.  The second time feeling my body move at a medium pace back and forth.  I thought I was just dizzy and it was a bad mix of liquers from the previous nights drama or should I say 1 hr of sleep from last night.  It felt like someone was on floor tugging on my bed back and forth trying to wake me up.  At first I was worried it was a roommate dieing from unaccidental causes so I got up but no one was on the ground.  I checked on my roommate in the bathroom.  Yeah,  she was still there passed out in her vomat on the floor so I took her pulse which was very slow and then picked up her head and gave her a pillow and put a towel over her.  The other two roommates were in seperate beds so I guess they didn’t make up.  I didn’t realize the earthquake was the thing that was rocking me back and forth.  Since I had to leave for work early my neighbors on top told me what just happened and I put 1+1 together.   Going to work all traffic lights were off including my military base.  The state waited to turn power back on to prevent any aftershock fires.  Smart for them, but miserable in the meantime for the residents, tourists, and military.  I later found out the Big Island had a 6.5 ticker but after watching the news it seems like a joke because nothing really huge happened that created fatalities so consider them and us lucky.  When it hit Oahu it must of been around a 2. 

As for partying with my roommates who can not hold down their liquer and always act like pissed off eight year olds because they are either jealous, mad, or depressed about something.  I can understand not feeling well any puking up and going to bed, but when you are so drunk you can’t even puke, you can’t even hold your balance to puke, and you keep slamming yourself against the wall without accepting help to get it over with then you aren’t just a problem you’ve become in business what we call a big liability.  Know when to say “no” to drinking more.  I suppose its personality over anything.  I hear that rape commericial “I thought “no” meant “yes”.  Where I think in my situation its more like they want to say no but they keep saying yes until they pass out.  Why?  I have many big problems in my own life that I feel upset about and will not be able to fix, but although they are in my daily life I’m not going to try to drink myself to death over it.  I guess it shows how “weak” you really are for having to drink to forget.  Vulnerable to the easy numbing-forgetting temptations to make your life seem better.  I say at least they could do is write up a Will and put any money and possessions I could sell in my name so if they do die being dumb and drunk then at least for all the commitment to keeping them alive I could be rewarded a bit.   I could that probably sounded bad, but I don’t care because they do not care about themself.  I think I will be moving out of this house when I come back from patrol and find either new roommates that don’t drink or just my own studio. 

I feel I am the victim here because of their own actions.  Who wants to be sober trying to get 2-3hrs sleep for work with cranky stupid drunk people around you hurting themselves and vomating.  I feel like I am an alcoholic abuse social worker in my own house.  I already work over 100 hours a week, can’t you give a dude a break?

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