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Stock option backdating investigations = CFO and Chairmans retire and sneak out quickly.

Lately its been the trend to retire from your public company as soon as you find out you will be investigated for backdating stock options.  I’m not too happy and I want my CFO’s and chairman to show a little integrity in the work place instead of running away from their past problems.  Currently one of my favorite companies Apple Computer Inc is getting slaughtered with stock options backdating investigations when investors should be really focusing on its new products expecially its Intel chip computers.  I see people buying Apple computers every day in CompUSA Stores where Apple receive special treatment with its own sales area to show off its very cool computers, music devices, and entertainment like systems.  I see Apple becoming the next explosive Dell Computer growth like company.  If Apple is able to generate a new database of the computer market like it hasn’t been able to for years it will just explode in computer sales growth besides creating new iPods.  I have an iPod, it’s the Nano one.  Apple has really made its product look great and ease of use while also monopolizing everything to only work together with iTunes.  iMusic is another really easy system.  Find your song click it and you bought it then it goes straight through iTunes to download onto your iPod. 

I really hope investors see growth in Apple because if you don’t then you are blind to notice to see all the Apple computers with Intel computers chips being sold at CompUSA stores.  New customers are switching to have a better computer and a cooler looking one at that.

So lets stand up corporate america and show some integrity and work on positive earnings and better results with your people that run your finances.

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