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Interview on Corporate Ninja Ron Lee

Below is my interview with Corporate Ninja Ron Lee who took time out of his busy schedule to answer my questions.  Thanks Ron Lee.

Paul Meyer:  I know you have worked with many well known companies and I wanted to know if you have ever met or did seminars for Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Michael Dell?  If so what was it like?  Or is there anyone in particular you would like to mention that you thought was influencial to yourself?

Ron Lee: I once did an international convention for Dell on Langkawi Island, which is  an hour’s flight from Kuala Lumpur, but Michael Dell wasn’t there, only his senior management was there. I’ve chosen to develop my own style, but early on, I admired Keith Scott, who has the licence to do the voices of Bugs Bunny and other Warner Brothers characters.
Paul Meyer: What are the six types of martial arts you practice and do you focus on those six for any particular reason?
Ron Lee: I’ve done more. They include Kung Fu, Aikido, Hap Ki Do, Qui Gung, Ninjutsu, Okinawan Karate, Kempo Karate and a bit of Japanese Sword.  They are all brilliant in their own right.
Paul Meyer:  I know you have traveled around the world.  What was your most favorite country you held a seminar in and why?

Ron Lee: Every country I’ve worked in is enjoyable. Different parts of Asia have their unique character, the United Arab Emirates are really progressive, the USA is the most evolved speaker market in the world, and I love working in Scandinavia.  Contrary to what some people might tell you, I’ve found the Scandinavians to be really friendly, warm people.
Paul Meyer:  What is it like to be a ninja?  What does it mean to you?

Ron Lee: Even though I’ve studied Ninjutsu, we had to take a vow of silence before each class, so I don’t teach any of that stuff, but I have kept in practice by going to upper levels of high-security buildings without registering with security.  I only did this to keep my hand in.  I’ve also managed to take target arrows and a samurai sword on airplanes as hand luggage. The arrows were recent on a domestic flights, but the samurai sword episodes were before 9/11 on international and domestic flights.
Paul Meyer:  Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?  Doing the same thing or focusing on bigger plans?

Ron Lee: I’m expanding the international work and would like to inspire more people in the USA and other parts of the world. I also address the subjects of the role of the mind and the spirit in the process of healing, metaphysics in relation to the practicalities of life and personal empowerment.  All of the great philosophers said that our life purpose is to use our knowledge, talent, experiences and passions to serve as many people as possible, so my mission is to leverage my work in all ways.
Paul Meyer:  Do you currently have any corporate ninja apprentices and if so what are the important steps to becoming a ninja in the corporate world?

Ron Lee: We do have people learning how to become corporate ninjas. The important aspects are to operate out of a base of integrity and empower yourself so that ego doesn’t get in the way.
Paul Meyer:  I follow the stock market and want to be a great success at becoming a disciplined trader.  What advice as a ninja do you have for me that I could follow that would help me become a better student?

Ron Lee: My advice in that area is to study the stocks’ fundamentals, the candlesticks, the bar charts, the swing charts, the Fibonacci sequences, Elliott waves and other indicators, and also gut feel.  Follow the rules and be disciplined enough to have stop-gains as well as stop-losses.
Ron Lee thank you for the interview and I wish you the best to your career as a professional speaker and ninja.  You can have your company signup for a Corporate Ninja seminar at

Some of his seminars include:

“The Corporate Ninja” – Interactive, inspirational comedy Hoaxes.
“Zen & The Art of Success” Empowerment Keynote Presentations.
“Zen & The Art of Getting What You Want With Less Effort” Keynote Presentations.
Strategic Implementation of these philosophies and practices in Workshops that focus on ‘Empowerment’, ‘Life Balance’, ‘Sales’, ‘Teams’ and ‘Presentation, Speaking & Comedy’ to a performing arts standard.
Ron Lee is a “CSP” the highest international speaker designation, with less than 7% of global speakers attaining this level, most of whom are in the U.S.A.Author of “What Shintaro Taught Me – Zen & The Art of Success”.
“This great book shows you how to combine the dual powers of the
insights and ideas of East and West to achieve at higher levels than you
ever dreamed possible.” – Brian Tracy, Author of Goals!

Again thank you Ron Lee. -Paul Meyer

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