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Crude oil drops below $61 barrel / energy stocks fall more.

So my predictament on SWN and OIH stock/options held true.  OIH just recently hit $120 and SWN down near $27 if you had PUT options you would of made a small fortune in between my first post and yesterday.   Energy stocks have rebounded a bit today with OIH and SWN at $129 and $30 again on the bump up entering on Monday you would of made a couple of points on both up to today.  I still believe oil and energy to tank lower.  The stocks are tired.  One stock that does surprise me in energy that is going into its earnings late October is EOG Resources.  It has not moved down the percent like other energy stocks.  It usually follows SWN but not the past month.  It could be late and soon move hard down. 


 Currently I’m very bullish on Apple (AAPL @ $76), Broadcom (BRCM @ $47), AMD (AMD @ $25), Microsoft (MSFT @ $27), Research In Motion (RIMM @ $85- Could be falling back to $75), and Garmin GPS products (GRMN @ $47).  It seems tech is the place to be going into the fall/christmas trading season.

Other stocks I believe that have lots of UP potential because of new growth, opportunity,  and economy are Martha Stewart Living Co. (MSO @ $17), AMAT Industries (AMAT @ $17), and Garmin Co. (GRMN @ $47).

 Out of those stocks I believe the 2 to be most profitable to the upside through Jan 2007 are Apple Computers (AAPL @ $76) and Garmin CO. (GRMN @ $47).



 I will research and review my stocks again soon.  I’m pretty optimistic the DJIA will hit $11,500 by end of Nov 2006 if interest rates are not raised and oil keeps sinking or stays around $60 a barrel.

NOV 24, 2006 update on my predictions on the current stocks = all correct except for AMAT and MSO which were my most speculative stocks which have traded higher but have not really followed the big market upward trend.  Trading any of those currently would of been an increase of 10-15% on stock price and 100-1000% on a call/put option.

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