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Oil falls further – Re-commeting on SWN 40 PUT option

In 1 day I was called out of my PUT option for SWN by the end of Tuesday’s trading day.  It always feels good to be sold out of a trade.  I am clear minded again and can live another day to trade and I’m right about at least the technical side of oil.  Now that EOG Resources is going into earnings for Oct 30 I am considering a small CALL position being the season with the entire trend of the market going up.  I am also in 2007 CALL’s for BRCM @ $29, AMAT @ $17, and MSO @ $18.  I especially like Martha Stewart Company.   She’s awesome and I feel now that she can be apart of it again and the new CEO is bright and is pushing the company forward the next few quarters with positive cashflow coming in is going to surprise anaylst and investors.  At $18 a share I find it very affordable and discounted even though it is priced 20 times earnings.  Right now it is just sitting in a flat desert of flat rock and I know soon its going to be like an errupting volcano pushing the price up for surprising earnings from advertising revenue, partner income, and product placement sales in top stores.  I’d have a beer with Martha Stewart any day and pull out some weeds.  She is my type of woman.  A tuff leader, very smart, business savvy, and still has time to tend the garden.


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